If there’s an award for the most complicated life insurance product on the market, then Discovery would take it hands down. Think I’m kidding?  I’m sitting with their life plan guide in front of me and it’s all of 143 pages long. That’s longer than many novels! Believe it or not, there are tons of [...]

So in my previous article I wrote about having a long-term perspective when buying life insurance. I think I might have lost a lot of readers when I started talking about the increases in cost every year. That's because I mentioned: The annual increase in the premium even if the cover itself does not increase, [...]

Was I Talking Nonsense?

“Lawrence…I was reading your previous life insurance article and I’m sorry it doesn’t make logical sense. Yes, if I cancel my life insurance and don’t replace it then I’ve lost all the money I spent on it BUT... if I replace it with exactly the same amount of cover at a cheaper cost, then how [...]

Before we get to the topic of this post I'd like to welcome you back to the InsuranceFundi blog. It's been a while since I've written anything, and the reason for that is because I’ve simply had too much on my plate. But I'm back and I will endeavour to submit at least two posts [...]

Is Discovery Health the best medical aid scheme in South Africa? Unfortunately I don't have the answer to that question. Here’s why… A plan on Discovery Health might pay 200% of the Discovery Health rate while Momentum Health also pays 200% of the Momentum Health rate. They look the same right? But they ain't. What [...]

Aren't you worried about not being on a medical aid scheme? Or maybe about not being able to afford a medical aid scheme once you retire? Problem is, nowadays it's not only the medical aid scheme you need to worry about...you've also got to worry about all the expenses your scheme won't pick up. Think [...]

So I get this interesting financial planning email just the other day: "I heard that I will get R300, 000 out tax-free from my provident fund if I resign, is that true?" Problem is it's too good to be true! R315, 000 is tax-free BUT...it only applies when you retire. Resignation is a completely different [...]

You've decided you need life insurance… You’ve just bought a new home and need R1 million (or R2 million) in life insurance right now. Question is...Where do you start looking? Maybe you've typed "life insurance quotes” into Google and come across direct life insurance? Or maybe you've had a few brokers pop around at home [...]

Last time we discussed step two when deciding on a medical aid scheme – establishing your needs. I you missed part one then you can read it here. Today we’re looking at step three – matching your needs to the benefits on offer. Is it an option with a medical savings account or not? No [...]

I mean think about it, you’re travelling in Zimbabwe and manage to hit the one and only cow walking on the one and only road in the middle of nowhere. Firstly, are you still covered by your car and home insurance while travelling in Zimbabwe? Secondly, will your insurance company get a towing company to [...]


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