The Easy Way To Get Out Of Debt!

I was listening to one of the Nedbank adverts the other day – the ones featuring a guy by the name of “Eugene”.

Lady worrying about her bills since her husband had no life insurance.

In the ad, a young lady was asking “Uncle Eugenie” for money.

It got me thinking about how much I wish I had a genie.
Can you imagine saying: “Uncle Eugenie, please pay off my bond?”
Listen, I’ve got a relatively smallish bond as bonds go, but I could use the seven grand a month to save for retirement.

Which Discovery Life Option Is Best – Essential Or Classic?

If there’s an award for the most complicated life insurance product on the market, then Discovery would take it hands down.
Think I’m kidding?  I’m sitting with their life plan guide in front of me and it’s all of 143 pages long. That’s longer than many novels!

Believe it or not, there are tons of diehard Discovery fans out there who’ll buy anything from Discovery. Many would rather buy the Discovery Life product even if it’s more expensive than other insurance companies.
Unfortunately, many are also sold on the dream of earning discounts down the road because of their Vitality status.

With that in mind I set out to clear the air regarding Discovery Life. Make no mistake, it’s a great product and for some of us it makes perfect sense. For others it might not be a perfect fit.

Can You Really Afford Cheap Life Insurance?

So in my previous article I wrote about having a long-term perspective when buying life insurance.
I think I might have lost a lot of readers when I started talking about the increases in cost every year. That’s because I mentioned:

  • The annual increase in the premium even if the cover itself does not increase,
  • that an amount is charged for the increase in cover when you select that option, and lastly
  • that the amount charged for this increase in cover is in itself, also subject to an annual increase

Even I find that a tad confusing.

Was I Talking Nonsense?

“Lawrence…I was reading your previous life insurance article and I’m sorry it doesn’t make logical sense. Yes, if I cancel my life insurance and don’t replace it then I’ve lost all the money I spent on it BUT… if I replace it with exactly the same amount of cover at a cheaper cost, then how can I be losing?”

It’s a valid point don’t you think?

I Apologise To You For Any Wrong I’ve Done

Before we get to the topic of this post I’d like to welcome you back to the InsuranceFundi blog.

It’s been a while since I’ve written anything, and the reason for that is because I’ve simply had too much on my plate. But I’m back and I will endeavour to submit at least two posts each and every week.

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