We’d like to invite you to take a tour with us into the exciting world of insurance.

Down deep into shark infested and murky waters where the gullible are eaten alive. A world where:

  • what you’re paying for
  • is the exact opposite of what you thought you had.

Did we dare to use the word ‘exciting’?

Come on…what’s there not to get  excited about? Grab a newspaper. Switch on the television. Check out the ads.
How about:

  • Get your insurance 10% cheaper right now by dialling, or
  • Get cash back every 5 years if you don’t claim, or
  • Get 1 month free if you take out insurance before the 1st of next month!

Who can’t get excited about this? Okay, we can’t either.

But here is where it gets exciting…

  • Your contents insurance claim gets rejected. They say it’s because you can’t prove ownership of your jewellery or provide them with photos. So why didn’t say something about this when you took out the insurance?
  • The medical aid scheme you’re about to join insists on a late joiner penalty because you can’t prove previous membership? Why didn’t anyone mention I could send a sworn affidavit stating I’d been on medical aid since 2001?
  • You reduce your life insurance cover because it’s getting expensive only to find out that even though you halved the cover the cost only went down by R20 a month? Why didn’t anyone tell you they re-quote based on your higher age, and being older means higher costs?

Nothing worse than paying for insurance year after year only to have your claims rejected?  Even worse when you’re being totally honest with them as well.

So wouldn’t it be nice to have all the jargon explained in every day English?

Do us a favour after you’ve finished reading this.

  • Go back to the home page
  • Do you see the advertising banner on the right side of your screen?
  • Scroll down below that until you get to the ‘Read Our Most Popular Posts’ section
  • Check out how many times some of these articles have been glanced at (As a budding Hemingway I’d like to believe they were actually read, but let’s not assume that).

Here are two assumptions we’d like to propose:

  • People read insurance stuff.
  • In fact, ridiculous as it may sound, some people actually enjoy reading insurance stuff (Read our comments and you’ll see)

Hi. My name is Lawrence.
A couple of years ago my partner, Brendan Els, and I were desperately looking for a way to keep in contact with all our clients. Sending emails to 500 clients one at a time wasn’t working for us.
So being lazy, we thought we’d use a blog as our way of:

  • keeping everyone up to date with stuff which we thought interesting, and
  • responding to the same old questions we kept hearing over and over again

Little did we realise we didn’t have a clue as to what we were doing.

Have you heard of those yellow books called the Dummies Guide to sales/marketing…?
Well, HTML and CSS isn’t for dummies even if the book says so. And just as soon as you’re up to date on HTML 4 they upgrade to HTML 5.
In fact, you might still find one or two of our hideous first attempts on the site. Come on, I dare you to go and look.

But we discovered that more than just our clients were interested in reading our articles.

First off, marketing companies saw this as a value add for their existing readers. Then we discovered a loyal readership. Finally, the insurance companies started taking notice, and before we knew it, the readership picked up.

Yes, we’re in the business of selling insurance. Yes, we earn commission income, and at the back of my mind, the thought of having you as a paying client does tickle our fancy.

But no, InsuranceFundi is not about trying to sell you something. It’s about helping you to make an informed decision before hitting the “Buy” button.

In any case, we don’t have the call centre capacity to handle all the requests anyway – Far easier to refer you to someone who can help you.

For instance, we wrote a whole series of articles on Discovery Health for our clients. And no, Discovery Health did not pay for the articles nor were they written so that we can generate clients.
We did it purely for our existing clients, and if it helps you in any way, then we’re glad we could help you.

So here’s the deal

Going forward we plan to write general interest articles on insurance. Some of these articles will also be written for insurance companies wanting to make their products known while at the same time asking for your business. You’ll be able to identify these articles by the contact box appearing below the article.

  • If you find the article interesting, you’re more than welcome to leave your contact details and have someone from that company call you back.
  • If you’re not interested then ignore the box completely
  • If you’d like us to contact you with regard to that article, then click on the “Contact Us” button right at the top of the site in the blue bar.

We’re hoping that:

  • you find what you need.
  • That you will tell your friends about us by sharing our articles with them.
  • That you’ll leave comments

Join us as we wash the ‘grey’ areas from the ‘black and white’ contract you’re about to sign (or have already signed).

Wasn’t there some shampoo ad that had something to say about “I’m going to wash that grey right out…? Hope they’re not reading this!

Kind Regards,

The InsuranceFundi Team

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