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I don’t know how much you’re spending on car and home insurance right now, but don’t you just hate spending and spending and never claiming?

Last year I spent R30, 000 on insurance and claimed R750 for windscreen chips. Fortunately my insurer felt I needed a cash back bonus and so they paid me R4, 000 in November. So let’s see…R30, 000 less R750 less R4, 000 means insurance cost me R25, 250 in 2016.

But there’s something about driving a car without insurance which scares the nonsense out of me, and I bet it does you too.

So why not tell us what’s most important to you when it comes to car and home insurance. Our last Poll had more than 20,000 votes, so we’re opening up a new poll for this week (and we are probably going to run a Poll every week moving forward)

All you need to do is:

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  1. My Insurer wasnt listed on the list – Hypersure – just so you note when going through the survey. They are not affiliated to any of the listed companies

  2. I witnessed and hear many complaints regarding Clientelle life claims. Who have receive a fair claim from this company?

    • Hi Anonymous,

      Are you talking about their funeral plan or their other products?
      As a broker myself, I’ve found that many people applying for a product tend to skip over the details and don’t understand the products.They might understand it while you’re discussing the product with them, but a month later they’ve forgotten the whole conversation.
      Also remember, any product you take out over the phone is voice recorded. Don’t be skimpy with the truth as this can come back to bite you should you ever claim.

      That being said, a funeral claim should be a simple matter. Any company not paying claims would very soon go out of business.

    • Hi,

      With insurance there will always be complaints. And the bigger the company the more the complaints. I looked at Volkswagen for instance, who get 2 out of 5 stars on Hello Peter, but that fails to take into account why so many people drive them.
      Shoprite and Pick n Pay both get 2 stars but that doesn’t stop us buying our groceries there.

      If your claim meets the requirements for a claim, then there’s no reason for an insurer not to pay your claim. Just make certain that you understand the terms and conditions of your policy which raises the question – How many of us actually read our policy documents?