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When someone mentions Clientèle, what’s the first thing that comes to mind?


For as long as we can remember, Clientèle has always meant funeral cover. And when it comes to their funeral plans, they offer two products:

  • Funeral Dignity Plan, and the
  • Ultimate Dignity Plan

So we decided to take a look at the Clientèle Funeral Dignity Plan. Now we can tell you it’s the greatest thing since sliced cheese, but what better proof is there than Brendan taking out one for himself?

So how much will this cost you?

How does as little as R99 a month for R10, 000 funeral cover sound?
Granted that’s for anyone between the ages of 18 and 26, but which age group would you reckon is the biggest risk (besides the 80 year old’s amongst us)? The 20 year old’s, right?

A burger, chips and coke will probably set you back R60 at your local takeaway joint, right? When we heard that Clientèle was offering:

  • R10, 000 funeral cover
  • for less than a hundred bucks a month
  • for anyone between 18 and 26 years of age

We wanted to know more about the Clientèle funeral dignity plan.

When things sound too good to be true, they generally are. This is not the case with this product, though.

Let’s look at the Clientèle Funeral Dignity Plan rates:

The Clientèle funeral dignity plan has four bands of cover:

  • R10 000
  • R15, 000
  • R20, 000
  • R25, 000, and
  • R30 000

If you’re single:
To navigate the rate card,

  • simply work out your age band by looking on the far left,
  • then across to the right to find the rate of cover you want to enjoy, and
  • where the two meet is your cost.

Example: A 32 year old looking for R25,000 cover will pay R166 per month. Got it?

Individual Cover
Age R10,000 R15,000 R20,000 R25,000 R30,000
18 – 26 R99 R128 R143 R158 R173
27 – 36 R121 R136 R151 R166 R181
37 – 51 R137 R157 R177 R197 R217
52 – 61 R173 R203 R233 R263 R293
62 – 71 R252 R287 R322 R357 R392

(Rates are applicable as of June 2016 and are subject to change)

If you have a spouse and kids, you might want to consider the family cover option:

This covers you, your spouse, and up to 3 kids under the age of 18 (unless they are studying, in which case they will be covered until the age of 21)

Just one thing to remember, if you are looking at the family cover option – If your spouse happens to be older than you when applying for the cover, Clientèle will base the cost on her age – not yours.

Example: John is 26 years old and his wife Gill is 37. If John applied for R25 000 cover, rather than getting it at R212 a month based on his age, they will pay R265 per month based on Gill’s age.

Family Cover
Age R10,000 R15,000 R20,000 R25,000 R30,000
18 – 26 R152 R172 R192 R212 R232
27 – 36 R152 R172 R192 R212 R232
37 – 51 R175 R205 R235 R265 R295
52 – 61 R210 R265 R320 R375 R430
62 – 71 R304 R374 R444 R514 R584

(Rates are applicable as of June 2016 and are subject to change)

But wait a second, what if I have 4 kids under the age of 18? The first 3 kids are covered, what happens to the 4th kid?
That’s a good question. The fourth kid needs to be added under the extended family benefit. We haven’t covered that yet, so let’s get to it now.

Extended family:

This benefit allows you to add up to 8 people onto your funeral plan as long as they’re related to you.

So if you have additional family members like:

  • parents,
  • parents-in-law,
  • nephews and nieces,
  • uncles and aunties

that you want to add to your policy, this is where you add them.

Simply pick the age band that is applicable for each of them, work out how much cover you want, and then adding that benefit onto your funeral plan. Did you notice that you can add someone up until the age of 81?

Example: You want to add your 63 year old uncle for R15, 000 cover. R148 is what you are going to pay per month, in addition to your own premium. 

Extended Family
Age R10,000 R15,000 R20,000 R25,000 R30,000
0 – 26 R22 R31 R40 R49 R58
27 – 36 R33 R46 R59 R72 R85
37 – 51 R43 R62 R81 R100 R119
52 – 61 R59 R86 R113 R140 R167
62 – 71 R100 R148 R196 R244 R292
72 – 81 R231 R344 R457 R570 R683

(Rates are applicable as of June 2016 and are subject to change)

Now that we have establish that Clientèle has 3 options to choose from:

  • Individual cover
  • Family cover
  • Extended family cover

The next question is – What else do I get for my premium?

Besides the actual pay-out, here are 6 key benefits of the Clientèle Funeral Dignity Plan:

  • Add up to 13 people on 1 plan (8 extended family members)

In my opinion this is a major benefit. The fact that you can have one funeral policy and cover the risk of 13 individuals is pretty darn neat. Remember that 3 kids under the age of 18 are covered for gratis and you can also add on up to 8 extended family members.

  • A 24 hour funeral helpline

You will have access to a 24 hour funeral helpline where professionals will assist you with various aspects of the funeral arrangements. For example, grief counselling, repatriation of the body, and discounted rates with various funeral suppliers. Again, this is a cool benefit when you really need someone to lend an ear and provide some practical advice.

  • Double accident benefit

If the main member passes away in an accident, their benefit will pay out twice the amount they have been insured for. If you had R10 000 cover and passed away in a vehicle accident, you can expect a R20 000 pay out

  • Grocery benefit

This takes care of catering expenses related to the funeral. The grocery benefit is available as cash or vouchers of R3 000, payable for 3 months at a R1, 000 a month or in a single lump sum if you wish.

This forms part of your total benefit amount. In other words, if you have R10, 000 funeral cover, then R3, 000 of the R10, 000 is your grocery benefit. If you prefer having the R10, 000 in your pocket, that’s okay as well.

  • Unveiling benefit

R2, 000 is available to the beneficiary within 12 months of the death. Once again this forms part of the total benefit amount. So if you decide to use this option, then R8, 000 would pay towards the funeral costs and R2, 000 would pay within the next 12 months. Once again, it’s only an option.

  • Airtime benefit

Receive R200 airtime when you claim. Yip, Clientèle will send R200 airtime to your beneficiary on approval of the claim to help him/her make the necessary funeral arrangements.

If you don’t have funeral cover in place, you have two choices:

  • Option one is to do nothing about it and run the risk of not being insured.
  • Option two is to work out what it is going to cost you to get covered, using the rate tables above.

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    Until next time.

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