Comments Policy

Talking insurance is much like discussing religion and politics around the fire. Seldom will two persons agree and it soon becomes a mudslinging match.

The problem with this is that it discourages others from entering the conversation.

To prevent this I have introduced a comments policy. By submitting a comment on this blog you agree to the following:

1. You may comment without registering on the blog.

2. You may post anonymously.

3. You may post follow-up questions

4. You may respectfully disagree with whatever I – or anyone else on this blog – posts or comments.

5. We reserve the right to delete comments. Specifically comments which are –

  • Sarcastic.
  • Off topic.
  • Abusive.
  • Threatening.
  • False.
  • Offensive.
  • An attempt to advertise or solicit business.

6. You retain ownership of your comments. We accept no liability for your comments. By commenting on the site you agree that you retain ownership of all your comments. You relieve us of all liability towards any other party for your comments.

7. You grant us licence to post your comments. This license is royalty free and irrevocable. You grant us the right to use, display, publish, and distribute your comments in any format, such as this blog, a book, or video.

Insurancefundi is about having a conversation with people wanting answers to valid questions. No questions are too stupid or silly to ask or to answer, and we don’t want anyone left out of the conversation.


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