What sort of increase are you expecting from your medical aid scheme for next year?


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Well, if you belong to Discovery Health, I have some good news.

Definitely the biggest insurance event every year, is the annual Discovery Day.
I don’t know if you’ve ever been to one of those multi level marketing events where they hype you up so much that you just can’t wait to sign up? The Discovery Day has much the same feel. Think Durban July, and you’ve pretty much got an idea of the excitement around this.

But if you’re not one for all the hype and the glamour, when it comes to gizmo’s and gadgets, Discovery definitely leads the pack…the mind boggles at what they come up with.

But, over the years I’ve become so used to hearing them say 10% for next year, that I assumed the same would happen for next year – but, boy, was I wrong!

8, 6% is what Discovery Health’s average increase for 2016 will be

Now that’s their average. Some plans are going to have less of an increase while others will have slightly more – some a lot less, and some not much more.

Here’s how the increases compare:

Executive 8, 9%
Classic Comprehensive 8, 9%
Classic Comprehensive Zero MSA 8, 9%
Essential Comprehensive 8, 9%
Classic Priority 8, 9%
Essential Priority 8, 9%
Classic Saver 7, 9%
Essential Saver 7, 9%
Coastal Saver 8, 9%
Classic Core 7, 9%
Essential Core 7, 9%
Coastal Core 8, 9%
KeyCare Plus 8, 9%
KeyCare Access 8, 9%
KeyCare Core 8, 9%

So how much more will you be paying next year?

Well let’s take it plan by plan to give you an idea. In this article I’m going to exclude the KeyCare options in order to keep the article short.

The Executive plan

Executive 2015 2016
Main Member R4, 547  R4, 953
Adult R4, 547  R4, 953
Child R    863  R    942

The Comprehensive plans

Classic Comprehensive 2015 2016
Main Member R3, 696  R4, 026
Adult R3, 496  R3, 809
Child R    737  R    802
Classic Delta Comprehensive 2015 2016
Main Member R3, 329  R3, 626
Adult R3, 149  R3, 432
Child R    662  R    721
Classic Comprehensive Zero MSA 2015 2016
Main Member R2, 772  R3, 020
Adult R2, 622  R2, 857
Child R    553  R    602
Essential Comprehensive 2015 2016
Main Member R3, 105  R3, 383
Adult R2, 936  R3, 198
Child R    625  R    681
Essential Delta Comprehensive 2015 2016
Main Member R2, 796  R3, 047
Adult R2, 642  R2, 877
Child R    561  R    611

The Priority plans

Classic Priority 2015 2016
Main Member R2, 478  R2, 700
Adult R1, 950  R2, 125
Child R    992  R1, 080
Essential Priority 2015 2016
Main Member R2, 130  R2, 321
Adult R1, 672  R1, 822
Child R    850  R    925

The Saver plans

Classic Saver 2015 2016
Main Member R2, 172  R2, 344
Adult R1, 710  R1, 846
Child R    869  R    938
Classic Delta Saver 2015 2016
Main Member R1, 734  R1, 872
Adult R1, 368  R1, 476
Child R    697  R    752
Essential Saver 2015 2016
Main Member R1, 725  R1, 862
Adult R1, 294  R1, 397
Child R    690  R    745
Essential Delta Saver 2015 2016
Main Member R1, 378  R1, 487
Adult R1, 036  R1, 118
Child R    552  R    596
Coastal Saver 2015 2016
Main Member R1, 710  R1, 862
Adult R1, 282  R1, 397
Child R    688  R    750

Brand new for 2016 – the **Smart** plan

Smart 2016
Main Member  R1, 397
Adult  R1, 099
Child  R    557

The Core plans

Classic Core 2015 2016
Main Member R1, 617  R1, 745
Adult R1, 272  R1, 373
Child R    646  R    698
Classic Delta Core 2015 2016
Main Member R1, 294  R1, 397
Adult R1, 018  R1, 099
Child R    517  R    557
Essential Core 2015 2016
Main Member R1, 389  R1, 499
Adult R1, 040  R1, 123
Child R    557  R    601
Essential Delta Core 2015 2016
Main Member R1, 110  R1, 198
Adult R    833  R    900
Child R    445  R    480
Coastal Core 2015 2016
Main Member R1, 195  R1. 302
Adult R   896  R    976
Child R   477  R    519

Bob’s your uncle…There you have it. Increases this low point to a healthy scheme.

Over the coming weeks we’re going to be focusing on medical aid. It’s that time of year where you need to decide on a plan choice for next year.

Some of the questions you need to ask are:

  • Did I spend too much on a medical aid which I never fully used?
  • Did I spend too little on a medical aid resulting in having to make co-payments for procedures or running out of savings early in the year?

We’re going to tackle all of this in the week’s to come.

Do you need assistance with your medical aid? Leave your details below.

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    • Hi Santie,

      KeyCare Plus as you might know is based on your gross monthly income.

      If you earn more than R10, 751 it costs R1, 734 a month for the main member.
      If you earn between R7, 551 and R10, 750 it costs R1, 165 a month.
      If you earn between R291 and R7, 550 it costs R832 a month.
      If you earn between R0 and R290 a month you pay R290 monthly.

  1. I think it is absolutely shocking that because I was overseas for one year 2007 to 2008 – that I cancelled my medical aid which was a full plan including my son and in 2008 went onto Classic Delta Core that I am still paying a penality 7 years later. I am 64 years of age and in 2007 I lost everything I had worked for my home, everything. To find out now that I am paying a penality to a company that I have been loyal to is absolutely shocking and disguisting. The only reason I do Discovery is for Vitality otherwise I would move.

    • Hi Susan,

      I empathise with you on this.
      Think of someone who gets retrenched and can’t afford medical aid for a year or two. As soon as they get back on their feet again, they find themselves slapped with late joiner penalties because of something outside their control. I do agree with the penalty being applied to someone who’s never bothered to be on medical aid before.

      I know you’re taking issue with Discovery over this, but I doubt whether any other medical scheme would have treated you differently. Think of it from an underwriting perspective, you’re 64 right now which means the potential for claims from you is substantially higher than for someone in their 30’s. Given those circumstances, should they be lenient with the 5% penalty?

    • Hi Savy,

      I’ve written a few posts on gap cover and what it does. Do a search for gap cover.

      In its most basic form, gap cover pays any shortfall owing to a specialist, which was not paid in full by your medical aid.

      Do you need gap cover?
      Most certainly you do, and Discovery Health has just launched their own gap cover product confirming the need.