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We understand just how tough the current economic climate is. We have kids at schools, bonds, car payments and grocery bills to pick up just like you. So when it comes to paying insurance premiums every month, we understand that it isn’t easy deciding which policy to pick. The other day over coffee, we discussed the fact that most South Africans would like to insure every risk in their lives, but unfortunately most of us don’t have enough money spare each month to take out all the cover we need. Which insurance policies are the most important to you? If you had R2,000 a month to spend on insurance policies which products would you choose? Is medical aid more important to you than a funeral plan? Do you need to cover your car before anything else, because a loss would mean no car and still owing the bank a whack of money?

We thought this question would make a great Poll, so we are asking you to participate below and stand a chance of winning R3,000. The Poll will close at the end of February 2017 and the winner will be announced on this blog. Please make sure that once you have participated in the Poll, you leave your details below so we can give you a call or drop you a mail if you are the lucky winner.

Once you have voted, please leave your details below so we can contact you if you are the lucky winner of the R3,000 cash prize.

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One last thing before you go. We have incredible insurance partners on our blog with great product offerings. If you are interested in potentially saving hundreds on your monthly insurance premiums, then leave your details below and we will pass your details onto our partners for a call back.

We can help you with:

1. Medical aid – Fedhealth & GEMS          Read about the Fedhealth 2017 plan range here
2. Hospital plans – Hollard                         Read about the Hollard plan here
3. Life cover – Hollard                                  Read about the Hollard plan here
4. Car and home insurance – AA                Read about the AA plan here
5. Medical gap cover – Zestlife                    Read about the Zestlife plan here
6. Motor Warranty – Bidvest                       Read about the Bidvest plan here
7. Funeral cover – Hollard                           Read about the Hollard plan here

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Hollard - Hospital Cash Back Plan

Cool, thanks for participating in our Poll and we are looking forward to helping you save on your insurance premiums.

The InsuranceFundi Team

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  1. I do have car Insurance and Funeral Policy already, Insurance is expensive si I really cannot afford other at the moment.

    • Medical Aids are so expensive these days that we feel we are being taken advantage of. I am paying for almost R2000 alone and before that i was paying R2200 before my 15 year old son passed on , and that was 4 years back.

    • Hi Doreen,

      There is no requirement that your partner must work for a company. That apples to all forms of insurance.

  2. Why do brokers call you for a policy over a phone knowing you are not going to get the full story and end up saying “no thank you” rather ask for your e-mail address so you can look at it and reply to it at your leisure. they would make MORE deals that way.

    • I agree 100% Ian James….I would rather have all the info on a Email than over the phone, half the time there is so much noise in the back ground one can not hear what is being said, or the line is so bad. I will only accept something in writing in any case….much safer!!

    • Yip – I concur, I do not agree to anything unless I have read it through, mulled it over, read it again, asked some questions etc.

  3. i would like to fill in my details, but am too old! if you have anyway that you could help me to get a pension to insure kindly let me know. i am married to a s a citizen,but am a SA permanent resident!

  4. Thank you for giving us the chance to win. Husband has been unemployed for over 3 years, due to Dimentia etc. Much needed for school fees.

    • Hi Janine,

      You would have to motivate why you want to add them.Do they owe you money? Do you own assets together? Are you financially dependent on them?
      I, for instance, cannot insure your life, as I have no vested interest in your life.

    • we have funeral policy , car insurance, medical aid, motor accident plan and can afford any other insurance right now. to much other expenses. would love to win the money.

  5. I have:

    Medical aid

    Hospital plan

    Life cover

    Car and home insurance

    Medical gap cover

    Legal cover

    Roadside assistance cover

    Funeral cover

  6. Please be advised that I have those I ticked off and more. I don’t have extra money for more. Insurances are very expensive and people cant afford it.

    • The problem in South Africa is that car insurance is seen as optional. If everyone was forced by law to take out insurance, then the costs would fall.
      I’m told that in the US every car is fitted with a tag. As you drive past a traffic officer, they are alerted if your car insurance has lapsed, and your vehicle is impounded.

  7. Hi i went through a divorcce that left me with nothing started my life afresh, it’s really a challenge paying for a car insurance as they are very expensive now i can’t even afford one.

  8. I cannot leave my details as I am already over committed, however it would be nice to consider some of the products available.

  9. Thanks to the Insurance Fundi. We are sure of credible insurance companies with reasonable premium. Keep the good Customer relation up.

    • Car values are adjusted downwards every year but what you will find is that it doesn’t affect the cost much.
      Remember, cars don’t get cheaper to repair as they get older – panelbeaters raise their prices every year, and spare parts prices goes up.

  10. is there a medical aid that can cover me, my husband and 3 kids, one that is disabled and just turned 21. it is getting expensive for me to pay for my son independently.

    • Hi,

      I’m assuming your son isn’t on your current medical aid. Have you applied to add him onto your current medical aid since he’s financially dependent on you?
      He would still pay adult dependant rates, but these are usually cheaper than what the main member pays.

      Remember that you can add your husband and children to your existing medical aid as dependants.


    • Hi,

      Can’t quite understand your comment but I’m assuming its about the competition? We’re trying to target the articles to what’s most of interest to everyone. The best way to get feedback which is what the survey is all about.

      By the way, you’ll be surprised by the amount of people who spend double or even triple that amount on insurance.

  12. In a review like this I don’t think its fair for people to beg to win! Everyone should have a fair chance! If you can beat Momentum Private Plus medical costs then please call me. If you can beat Outsurance car & household costs and cover the same things, then call me. We all like to save but not to compromise quality service though.

    • Hi,

      No begging to win at all. Take the survey and stand a chance to win, that’s it! We’re more interested in knowing what to write about in future. If you’re interested in any of the products mentioned below the survey then leave your details – or not.

  13. I would like to have policy that will provide for the education of the children especially tertiary education since most children struggle to go to universities as their parents also earn little salaries ,and they only ended up also at matric because of being poor.

    Call me any time if you can give me such a product.

  14. I wish I could get a company that would provide me with Health Plan, Funeral Cover, Car Insurance and Life Cover ALL FROM ONE COMPANY, GOOD REASONABLE COMPANY. Hate having to deal with different companies for different covers Ai…. 🙁

  15. I am a financial advisor with a big company. Not one of your partners. I responded to your survey hoping that you will use this information to get an idea on how clients see the importance of the covers that they need. This information can then be used to help clients make informed decesions because each persons needs will be specific to them. I wish you well if you plan to do this. after all i see us as a very important sevice industry.
    thank you

  16. Is this your way or getting your company employees to call ua and ask if we want to takw up one of your offer… even if i dont chose i will get a call from that entire list of companies…..

    • Since there’s only two of us I’m not sure you could call us a company!

      But to answer your question – The poll clearly asks whether you’d like to be contacted, by whom you’d like to be contacted, and to enter your details in order for this to happen. If you did not leave your details you won’t be contacted.

  17. I recently joined a medical aid again after being without one for ± 3 years, but chose the lowest plan because I would prefer to be admitted to a private hospital (for which i am covered 100%). Medical aids are too expensive. My chronic meds is very affordable every month.