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Imagine having an operation done while you’re awake and with no painkillers?

Story goes that a young woman suffered a miscarriage and was forced to use a state hospital. Apparently she couldn’t come up with the R15, 000 for a private hospital.
Here’s what happened. They tied her to the bed, did the operation, and afterwards were kind enough to offer her a sanitary pad to stop the bleeding.

How about:

  • junior doctors performing brain surgery,
  • babies sharing incubators, and
  • babies suffering from cerebral palsy because there wasn’t any paper available for heart rate monitor machines.

And if you’re not sure, we aren’t talking about the 17th Century here; this is happening right now.

Scary stuff, right? Imagine for a moment it was your child lying on that table? Which is why medical aid is so important. I can’t imagine leaving my son in a place where I can’t be sure whether he’ll still be fine by the next morning. If I had to choose between skipping the car insurance or the medical aid this month, sorry car insurance.

But what if you can’t afford medical aid?

Let me not lie to you, there is nothing out there which can beat what a medical aid scheme does for you. But think for a moment about the aged, the unemployed, and those living on minimum wages who can’t afford medical aid?
Well there are a few interesting alternatives. One of these is the OnePlan.

OnePlan offers 7 plans with a combination of health and hospital benefits. The health benefits are for the day to day stuff like doctors and dentists. In this article we’ll discuss the health benefits only.

Let’s look at costs first.

Here is the 2016 monthly cost for each of the OnePlan options based on a single person joining:


Look’s expensive right?
So what I’ve done is compare it to an actual medical aid membership.

Since I’m familiar with Discovery Health, I’m going to use them as an example. I’m also going to use a couple of their plans which offer the bare minimum as a medical savings account.

  • Essential Delta Saver – R1, 487 a month
  • Essential Saver – R1, 862 a month
  • Classic Delta Saver – R1, 872 a month
  • Classic Saver – R2, 344 a month

While you can’t really compare the hospital benefits between these two, I want to show you where the OnePlan options are very competitive.

So how competitive are the health cover benefits at OnePlan?

Let’s look at each of the benefits they offer:

Doctor visits


Bear in mind that a doctor consultation costs in the region of R400 as we speak. The R80 difference between the Core and the Premier benefit makes the Core a real value for money option.

Prescription Medicines

One Plan Prescriptions

The Health option wins hands down here in terms of value for money.

Pathology (Blood tests)

One Plan pathology

Once again Health looks like a value for money option.

Radiology (X-Rays)

One Plan radiology

The Health option is starting to look incredibly attractive right now. If you’re on a tight budget this might make sense.




One Plan specialists

The blue faces mean lots of crying. The downside with the 4 lower plans is their lack of specialist benefits.
Need to see a pediatrician? Put the money on the table first!

Before the Birth Maternity Visits


This is for the routine gynecological visits. Most of the plans offer R455 per visit which makes the lower cost options a bargain once again.



So here we’ve covered the health cover benefits from OnePlan. Now before comparing how this stacks up to the Discovery Health Saver plans in terms of money available for day-to-day medical expenses, you need to know about the waiting periods before being allowed to claim from OnePlan.

Are there waiting periods with One Plan?

Yes there are. These can be broken into 6 categories:

  • No waiting period
  • 30 days
  • 90 days
  • 6 months
  • 7 months, and
  • 12 months

Here is how they apply to each of the benefits:


So how does OnePlan stack up?

Like medical aid, OnePlan has placed limits on the annual benefits available. I’ve circled the cost and the annual benefit available for the base plans at OnePlan and Discovery Health. Now let me repeat this again – Medical aid schemes offer a far wider range of benefits than OnePlan is allowed to offer.

So far we haven’t looked at the hospital cover benefits which we’ll discuss in the next article, but look at the rich benefits on offer:

Oneplan Core – single life

  • R285 a month cost
  • R5, 950 is the maximum limit for everything we’ve discussed above

Discovery Health Essential Delta Saver – single life

  • R1, 487 a month cost
  • R2, 676 medical savings account for day-to-day expenses



Next time around we’ll be looking at their hospital cover. In the meantime, if you’re interested in applying for the product why not leave your details below and we will get the guys from One Plan to call you back.

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