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InsuranceFundi is an independently owned blog which produces educational content so that South Africans can make better insurance decisions. We offer the best of both worlds. If you have a direct product need, we can pass you onto one of our partners, or you can contact us to set up a 5-minute chat about your financial planning needs.

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Wanting some tax back at the end of February?

Hands up if you love paying tax, especially after the Bosasa scandal? There is a way to pay as little as possible legally, but you’re going to have to act quickly. How do you pay as little tax as possible? The answer lies in retirement funds, and specifically...

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Is your business owed a ton of money?

Paul recognizes the number displayed on his phone. Paul had been expecting this call for a while now. In fact, over the past month, he’d received a call from them every week. He’d run out of excuses and he knew deep down that the end had come! Paul speaking, hello… Hi...

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All you need to know about Zestlife Gap Cover

Today we’re asking two questions: Is gap cover a waste of money? Is Zestlife just out there to take your money? Before we answer those questions, here are three things we hate about medical care in South Africa: Spending thousands of Rands a year on medical aid when...

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You can join Discovery Vitality for free!

Not sure whether we should be telling you this, but what the heck, we can’t help ourselves. First off, if you asked us what’s the one thing which has made Discovery Health so successful, we’d have to say Vitality. In fact, and this is a big statement to make, Vitality...

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Is the risk of Cancer on the decline?

One thing is guaranteed…none of us are getting out of here alive. That’s why, if we have loved ones who depend on us, it makes perfect sense to own life insurance. Think about this for a moment…. There’s a risk almost as bad as dying, which is competing for top...

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Government should stop trying to squash Health Insurance!

South Africa is in a technical recession and we're all feeling it. You don’t need a PhD in Economics to get the sense that this isn’t good news for the average South African who is already struggling to make ends meet. Hold up your hand if you are feeling the pinch?...

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Everything you need to know about Tax-Free Savings Plans

We don’t have a great savings culture in South Africa. Perhaps it’s because we are battling to keep our proverbial heads above water, or maybe most of us simply have a “live for today” philosophy which is tough to shake. Either way government recognizes our “lack of...

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Life Insurance

Lets be honest for a second. Nobody wakes up thinking about life insurance! But at a certain point in your life, you simply cannot afford not to have it in place. Learn more about Life Insurance here.

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Just about everybody has been burnt when it comes to car and home insurance. Spend some time understanding the nitty gritty and avoid repudiated claims and heartache. Read about Car & Home Insurance here.

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If you have enough spare cash lying around you don’t need funeral insurance. But do you really have enough spare cash lying around? Probably not, right? Read our Funeral Insurance blogs.

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How much does a hot shot lawyer cost? Big bucks china. Do you need Legal Cover and what do policies actually cover you for? Read about Legal Cover here.


Unless you are planning to hit the Lotto, you know you need to be saving for your future. But which products and how much? Read about Investments here.

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Is money too tight to mention? You aint the only one feeling the heat. Should you be looking at a personal loan? Learn more about Personal Loans here.

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Which scheme should you pick? What plan should you be on? Picking a medical aid that is right for you can be a minefield. Learn about Medical Aid here.

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What if you cant afford a “fancy shmancy” medical aid? Are there any options available? Is medical health insurance even a viable option. Read our blogs on Medical Insurance here.

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It all starts with a plan Stan! Find out how to build a rock solid financial plan you can revisit and tweek as you move along. Learn more about Financial Planning here.

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Should you get a medical aid for your dog or cat? Would you be barking mad to even consider it? Read more about Pet Insurance.

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