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1st for Women | Portable Possessions Insurance

At 1st for Women, they know there are certain valuable things which you keep at home, but also take on the road with you – that’s why they have Portable Possessions Insurance. Items such as your laptop, iPad, jewellery, sunglasses and camera are susceptible to being stolen, damaged or lost while you are out and about, so they cover these valuables for you so that you don’t have to constantly worry about them. This is simply one more way that they give you that extra boost of confidence and support so you can have more time to show the world the greatness that lies within you.

Portable Possessions Insurance Benefits include:

  • Cover the valuables that you use daily against loss, accidental damage or theft
  • Option to specify items of a higher value
  • Guardian Angels Lifestyle Assistance – At 1st for Women, they know that there may be times when you need a bit of help. That’s why they give you automatic access to their range of assist benefits when you take out insurance with them: includes home assist, medical assist & tax, finance & legal assist

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