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Let’s be honest here, things are tough in South Africa economically and all of us are feeling the pinch!

Buying a brand-new car is not only a costly exercise but, honestly, cars are depreciating assets and so sometimes it’s better to just make the car you have last than buy a new one every 2 years, right?

The only issue with not having a brand-new car is not having a motor plan attached for when your car needs a service or parts replaced. Perhaps your car isn’t new anymore, but your motor plan has run out.

This is when you need a product like AA’s Motor Warranties Policy!

The AA Warranties policy helps you with the costs of paying for mechanical, electrical and electronic failures that may happen to your vehicle.

Thousands of people rely on their vehicles daily for a variety of reasons: getting to work, dropping their children off at school, shopping and many, many more. A vehicle is a lifeline for most of us and without our vehicles, we would be stranded.

However, vehicles are machines which means they may experience mechanical breakdowns. As your vehicle gets older and increases its kilometers, its parts may break, increasing the chances of an unexpected failure.

Having your vehicle suddenly break down is not only stressful because you’re without transport, but it can also be expensive to repair, especially if you haven’t budgeted for this unexpected repair cost.

The Automobile Association (AA) has developed a new monthly insurance product in conjunction with our insurance partners, which addresses this issue, and provides peace of mind to you in the event of a breakdown.

This warranty, or mechanical breakdown insurance as it’s also known, is an insurance policy that provides protection against the cost of parts and labour following the mechanical or electronic failure of a covered part. It is designed to provide you with peace of mind in the event of an unexpected breakdown. It will not provide you with cover for maintenance on your vehicle. If you require this, you must purchase a maintenance plan that will provide peace of mind when a part breaks due to wear and tear.

Policies typically run from one month to 24 months, with most 12-month policies renewable annually in the same way that vehicle insurance is.

What’s covered by a warranty?

All warranty policies are different, so you must read the terms and conditions of your policy carefully to see what you’re covered for.

Generally, a policy will cover major components including:

  • The engine
  • Transmission system
  • Fuel and ignition systems
  • Cooling system
  • Electronic and Electrical Parts
  • Gearbox (Manual and Automatic)
  • Steering
  • Suspension

You can also choose a cover plan that suits your vehicle’s age. With age and mileage, all moving and non-moving components deteriorate in a motor vehicle and the likelihood of failure increases.

They cover the following vehicles:

  • Passenger type vehicles (private and business use only)
  • 4x4s and light commercial vehicles (private and business use only)
  • Mini-bus and panel vans (private and business use only)


AA Cash-back

  • The AA Cash-back is a bonus that rewards you for not claiming.
  • The AA Cash-back cycle, including payment intervals and the appropriate percentages, is explained further in the policy wording.
  • The benefit pays, following 24 claim free months. Not applicable to the Chrome option.

Car hire

  • They offer car hire if a breakdown happens more than 100km from your residence. They will pay for 24-hour car hire to complete the journey for you to return home.

 Plan options and cover limits

There are six plan options available: Chrome, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Titanium. Vehicles must be less than 12 years old and/or have done less than 250 000 km.

Cover Plan Option Benefit Limit

Cover Plan OptionBenefit Limit
ChromeR   7 000.00
BronzeR 10 000.00
SilverR 20 000.00
GoldR 30 000.00
PlatinumR 40 000.00
TitaniumR 50 000.00

Policies start from only R99/month!

NB: Your vehicle has to have done less than 220 000 kilometers & cannot be older than 12 years old in order to take this policy.

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