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Allan Gray | Tax-Free Savings Investments

Are you taking advantage of your tax break?

Here are the advantages of investing in a Tax-Free Savings plan:

  • It’s a simple savings solution.
  • Save up to R33 000 per year without paying tax on the growth of your money.
  • You can start investing from R500 per month. If you don’t want to invest monthly, you can start with a single lump sum of R20 000.
  • You choose how you want to add to your savings: monthly, in lump sums or a combo of both.
  • Choose how long and how often you want to add to your investment. Depending on your savings needs, Allan Gray has a range of investment funds to choose from.
  • Withdraw at any time and pay no costs to withdraw your money.
  • Your investment returns come from the unit trusts you choose. When choosing a unit trust, there is a trade-off between higher potential return on the one hand, and stability and lower risk on the other.
  • An application needs to be completed, but you will be assisted with this


*Ts & Cs apply

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