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I’m HIV positive, can I qualify for life cover? The straight answer is yes you can qualify. And that’s really great news for someone living with HIV because in the past life insurance wasn’t an option. In goes the application for life cover and as soon as the life insurer recognised you were living with HIV it was a straight forward decline. Not cool when you are really in the market for insurance. But I can tell you what is pretty cool! Altrisk’s HIV life insurance policy because not only can qualify for life insurance (the proper kind, not just accidental death stuff), but you can also get your hands on critical illness and impairment cover.

Ok, but are the benefits inferior because I’m HIV positive? Good question. The answer is no. The benefits are exactly the same as those available to all other Altrisk client’s, the only difference is the underwriting process (application process) and the inclusion of a specific disease management clause in the policy document. A disease management clause ? What’s that? Don’t worry, I’m going to cover that a little later in the blog post.

What Other Benefits Are Available Besides Life Cover?

  • Basic Critical Illness – covers cancer, heart attack, stroke and coronary artery bypass graft.
  • Core Critical Illness – covers 33 conditions, including cancer, heart attack, stroke and coronary artery bypass graft, but excluding the accidental HIV infection benefit.
  • Core Impairment – covers a range of specific, permanent conditions as a result of sickness, injury, disease, illness or a surgical operation. These include the loss of use of limbs; loss of hearing, sight or speech; traumatic head injuries; permanent mental or cognitive impairment; and the inability to perform 2 or more daily activities.

Any catches? No, but here is some technical detail if you are looking to apply for this type of cover.

You need to be a minimum age of 18 to qualify and not older than 65. The cover is limited to a maximum of R2 million.

Are you sure I’m going to qualify? Let’s check..

You can apply once the following has taken place:

  • You’ve been made aware of your status
  • You’ve been fully examined and counselled
  • You’ve consulted a health practitioner who will monitor you on a six monthly basis
  • You’ve had one set of CD4 and viral load tests completed
  • You belong to a registered medical aid or
  • You consult a private healthcare practioner but don’t belong to a registered medical aid or
  • You consult the Government registered HIV clinics

How Do I Get A Quote?  A quote can be generated provided the following additional information is provided

  • Your medical aid number
  • You’ve confirmed if you are on treatment or not
  • Date your treatment commenced (if applicable)
  • Your current CD4 count
  • Your current viral load

Now let’s get into the “health management” clause. As I mentioned earlier the same policy wording applies to the HIV policy as other Altrisk benefits but a health management clause is added. Here is a summary of that clause.

  • You need to remain on a disease management programme (the one you were registered on at the commencement date of the policy or advised to join by your nominated healthcare practitioner or Altrisk). Simple enough..
  •  You need to comply with the medical advice provided by the disease management programme
  •  You will become and remain a member of a compliance management programme selected by Altrisk for the duration of the policy (no additional cost to you) and allow Altrisk access to any / all medical records of the duration of the policy.

Ok, so there it is. Get life cover and the option to take out critical illness and impairment cover with Altrisk if you are HIV positive.

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Until next time.

The InsuranceFundi Team


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