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Drive less, pay less, with King Price’s chilli insurance

Let’s be honest, car insurance is 1 of those monthly expenses we’d all like to save on…and the reality is that many of us spend less time on the road because we’re working from home. So, if you’re not driving as much as you used to, shouldn’t you be paying less for...

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Should I start saving up now for my child’s tertiary education or rather take out a loan when they turn 18?

With the unemployment rate at an all-time high in South Africa, it is critical for those of us who are parents, to be reminded of the importance of education. Providing your children with the best possible education, to develop a sought-after skill or trade, is only going to give them greater opportunities to find and/or create employment as entrepreneurs when they become adults.

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Why do you need Severe Illness Cover if you are on a medical aid?

Private healthcare in South Africa doesn’t come cheap! Most households that can afford to belong to a medical aid scheme spend a few thousand bucks a month for the reassurance that if they get sick, they can afford the best treatment possible. You might have more than...

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