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Do you use a computer for any online banking? Have you bought anything on the internet? Do you transfer money or use banking apps on your phone? If your answer to any of these questions is YES, then continue reading.

Virtually everything these days is done online and as a result, there is always the risk that your private information is exposed, leaving you open to losing money through fraudulent cyber-attacks, receiving an email containing malware, or even exposure to cyberbullying on social media platforms.

One of the most common types of cyber attacks happening these days is hackers stealing individual’s private data through hacking into email accounts, gaining access to their ID numbers, bank account details etc. This is a very real problem and many people have had fraud against them, where in some cases they haven’t been able to retrieve the money. Online shopping is a big one as there is a frequent risk that your credit card details can be obtained a lot easier than you may think.

Bidvest Insurance has just come out with a brand-new product call Cyber Rescue which protects you against phishing, malware or cyber-attacks. They have a team of cyber & legal experts who will assist you with any issues you have with the following:

Cyber Theft

When your money is stolen due to a cyber attack

Cyber Deception

When you are a victim of cyber trickery or a cyber scam

Device Restoration

If your device is hacked, your threats will be removed by the Cyber Rescue team

Cyber Liability

Legal assistance when you’re accused of causing a cyber threat

Cyber Bullying

Legal advice and mediation for when you’re a victim of cyberbullying (This is good for your kids who may be online and are exposed to cyberbullying on social media, which is quite common).

With these benefits, there is also a general IT helpline for assistance with any general IT issues you may have.

You will get an automatic Anti-Virus software subscription as long as you are a policy holder.

So, what does this Cyber Rescue Insurance cost?

Individual Cover – R129/month

Family Cover – R179/month


There are some astounding stats and forecasts for cybercrime breaches. In 2018, social media phishing attacks increased by a staggering 43% and the forecast is that by 2024 that number could be close to 70%. The need for cyber protection should not be overlooked.

If you would like to receive further information & a quote, simply submit your details below & an authorised Bidvest Insurance consultant will contact you.

Bidvest Insurance Ltd is an authorised Financial Services Provider. FSP number 46395. *Ts & Cs Apply

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