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Bidvest Insurance Shortfall Protection

With comprehensive vehicle insurance in place, you’ll be fully covered in the event of your vehicle being written off or stolen, right? Unfortunately, no. In most cases, should your car be stolen or worse, written off in an accident, your insurance pay-out is not likely to cover what you owe the bank, leaving you in debt & without a vehicle.

Why choose Bidvest Insurance for Shortfall Protection?

  • Shortfall Protection – Covers the difference between your comprehensive insurance payout & what you still owe the bank if your car is stolen or written off.
  • Excess Protection – Up to R10 000 cover towards your underlying insurance excess.
  • Additional Accessories – Up to R10 000 cover towards any accessories fitted on the vehicle that have not been specified on your underlying insurance policy
  • Loyalty Bonus – R10 000 towards a replacement vehicle when purchased from a Bidvest Insurance approved dealership.
  • Unintentional Violation Cover – Should your underlying insurer not pay for your stolen or written off vehicle due to an unintentional violation Bidvest will provide cover
  • Instalment Protection – Should your claim for a stolen or written off vehicle with your underlying insurer take more than 60 days, Bidvest will then pay your monthly vehicle instalment up to R5 000 for up to 3 months.
How much does it cost?

Every vehicle is different & Bidvest will quote on your specific vehicle.

Get yourself a quick quote from Bidvest Insurance by submitting your details below.

Bidvest Insurance Ltd is an authorised Financial Services Provider. FSP number 46395. Ts & Cs Apply

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