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What does the 2020 supplementary budget mean for you?

The amber light (or is it the red one?) is starting to flicker for us as South Africans. Tito was flinging around some big numbers in his speech. Let’s look at the worst of them. South Africa's Debt As a country, we are drowning in debt. For every one Rand earned by...

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Should you opt for a flat or % based car insurance excess?

Tell us, what do you expect from your insurance? Some of us expect to be better off after a claim. But for most of us, we simply want to be in the same situation as we were before the loss. In this blog post, we look into car insurance excesses and how to avoid...

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Learn, Plan & Earn with Old Mutual’s Moneyversity Platform

If you're not part of any rewards programme, or you don't believe they work, what we're about to tell you will probably change your mind! The one thing this lockdown period has shown all of us is how we all need to have money saved up for a situation just like this,...

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Can you take out Life Cover during this Covid-19 crisis?

South Africa is in ‘lockdown’ and we’re all in a collective fight against this Covid-19 pandemic. The roads are eerily quiet, the sounds of nature have replaced the sounds of cars, hooting, sirens, and planes. We’re all finding new ways to exercise, to entertain...

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Can you take out insurance against retrenchment?

The word “retrenchment” is about as common as the other swear word in SA right now - “load shedding”. Maybe let’s add in “state-capture” for good measure as well! The economic downturn has left companies reeling, and in the name of still turning a profit, Directors...

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Why should you consider Tyre Angel with Bidvest Insurance?

There’s no getting away from it, the roads in South Africa are not in good condition, to put it mildly. Potholes are becoming a huge problem and the maintenance of the roads is almost non-existent. Think about how often you have to try and avoid potholes and how many...

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The frightening cost of education in South Africa!

Who can still remember when everyone in the neighbourhood went to government schools and paying school fees was optional? Private schools were for the privileged and university meant taking out a loan. So, what’s changed? Well, for one thing, government schooling...

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