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Bidvest Insurance Shortfall Protection | Why is it so important?

Have you recently purchased or are considering purchasing a car? Who doesn’t love the smell of a brand-new car as you drive it out of the showroom? The financing of the car, however, can be a complex exercise, with the car dealerships offering many different types of...

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Why you can’t afford not to have Medical Gap Cover!

It was going to happen sooner or later and you were always going to be the loser. What am I on about? Behind the scenes, there is a battle going on between two industries – the medical schemes and the insurance companies. The loser has always been the insurance...

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How you can earn up to 75% of your cash back from Dialdirect

Let’s be honest, in today’s tough economic climate wouldn’t it be great to get something back from your insurer, for just being a good driver. We all need insurance so that in the event of something happening we will be covered. Dialdirect offer comprehensive,...

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We’ve compared the Top 7 Funeral Cover Plans in South Africa

Is one funeral cover policy as good as the next? That’s a tough question to answer, but in this article, we’ve decided to do the hard yards and get in touch with the top funeral cover companies in South Africa. Is it possible to find the best funeral plan in South...

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