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The frightening cost of education in South Africa!

Who can still remember when everyone in the neighbourhood went to government schools and paying school fees was optional? Private schools were for the privileged and university meant taking out a loan. So, what’s changed? Well, for one thing, government schooling...

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Bidvest Insurance | Scratch & Dent Insurance

As we all know, having a car in South Africa is almost a necessity. The issue with having a car is that although it is an asset, it is a depreciating one. On average cars depreciate by 20% as soon as you drive them off the showroom floor. With this in mind, what do...

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Bidvest Insurance Shortfall Protection | Why is it so important?

Have you recently purchased or are considering purchasing a car? Who doesn’t love the smell of a brand-new car as you drive it out of the showroom? The financing of the car, however, can be a complex exercise, with the car dealerships offering many different types of...

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