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Are you also struggling with any of these issues?

  • I’ve just got my first full time job. It’s not paying what I’d like, but beggars can’t be choosers, right? Mom and dad say I need a medical aid but I don’t want to waste money on stuff like that. Is there anything cheap out there?
  • You need to earn a fat salary in order to afford a good medical aid. Is anyone interested in helping people like me?
  • I own a small business with then staff. All of them want medical aid but it’s way too expensive for most of them. Is there an affordable option offering everyone the same benefits?

You are? Then today we’re going to look at the Blue Door Plus option from Fedhealth, but before we do, a quick recap of our previous article…

A while ago we wrote about Fedhealth being a unique medical aid. Now I’m not a member so I can’t vouch for how Fedhealth, but I was blown away by two of the benefits they offer, particularly:

    1. Child rates up to the age of 27, and
    2. Upgrades anytime of the year if you get seriously sick

Take me for example.
Where I am – when my son turns 21 – I go from paying R600 a month to paying R1, 120 a month – nothings changed but I pay almost double. And heaven help me if I need a more comprehensive medical aid plan during the year.

What I never mentioned in that article was some of their other benefits. Things like:

  • MRI and CT Scans paid from risk and not savings whether done in hospital or out of hospital
  • Casualty visits paid from risk,
  • In-hospital dentistry for children younger than 8 (Not covered on two of their options), and – ahem – last but not least
  • Female contraception covered on all plans (oral contraception on three of their plans and all forms of contraception on their comprehensive options).

Go check whether your medical aid scheme does the same – I dare you.

So if this all sounds good – but still seems unaffordable – let me introduce you to the Fedhealth Blue Door Plus plan

Who is the ideal Blue Door Plus member?

Blue Door Plus is aimed at the lower income person, who has never been on a medical aid scheme before, and who wants to know, that if he or she gets sick, that they’ll end up in a private hospital.

What they’ve done is break the cost down into 5 salary brackets as follows:

  • Those earning less than R5, 000 a month
  • Those earning more than R5, 000 up to R8, 200 a month
  • Those earning more than R8, 200 up to R10, 000 a month
  • Those earning more than R10, 000 up to R11, 760 a month
  • Those earning more than R11, 760 a month

So those earning less:

  • get to enjoy the same benefits as those earning much higher salaries,
  • all while paying less

How much less am I talking about?

Let’s look at a single member earning R5, 000 a month compared to someone earning R12, 000 a month in the 2016 calendar year:

  • The R5, 000 a month person pays R690 a month – 13.8% of his or her salary
  • The R12, 000 a month person pays R2, 114 a month for the same benefits – 17.62% of his or her salary

So what am I getting for my money?

  • First things first, there’s no annual limit to your benefits which is important. You don’t want a medical aid plan which limits your hospital treatment to R500, 000 a year. If those medical bills come to R2 million, then you want them to pay. Of course you need to use a Fedhealth networked hospital or else be willing to make a 40% co-payment.
  • It also means you must use networked specialists. If you use a non-networked specialist, Fedhealth will pay up to 100% of the Fedhealth rate (which is why I recommend you take out medical gap cover).
  • Then you get unlimited FP (Fedhealth provider – a networked doctor) visits for your day-to-day check-ups every year. Networked means they have a payment arrangement with Fedhealth. Along with that you get unlimited prescribed medication from these doctors.
  • Then there’s the basic dentistry and optometry benefit. Basic means fillings and tooth pulling. It doesn’t mean orthodontics, okay?
  • Prescribed minimum benefits are also covered in full if you use the Fedhealth network.

Four questions you should ask yourself before signing up

    1. Do I live near any of these Blue Door Plus hospitals (There’s a list of hospitals on their brochure)?
    2. Am I comfortable using the Fedhealth provider as my choice of doctor and dentist (You’d need to ask Fedhealth)?
    3. Will my specific chronic illness be covered under this plan, and
    4. Is a Medi-Rite pharmacy or Pharmacy Direct convenient for me?

And the fifth question…?

Is there perhaps a plan offering better benefits for roughly the same cost at Fedhealth (or elsewhere)?

The best people to speak to about the Fedhealth Blue Door Plus plan is Fedhealth themselves.

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Until next time.

The InsuranceFundi Team


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