Is your business owed a ton of money?

Paul recognizes the number displayed on his phone. Paul had been expecting this call for a while now. In fact, over the past month, he’d received a call from them every week. He’d run out of excuses and he knew deep down that the end had come! Paul speaking, hello… Hi Paul, Frans here. How […]

When is group life assurance better than personal life insurance?

“Could you pop around on Friday? I’d like you to explain how the Provident fund works to all my staff.” Friday rolls around, I’m half an hour early and I’m ready to explain why they need a provident fund. In my mind, the biggest issue is explaining to the staff why they also need to […]

Is there such a thing as money insurance?

[banner id=”19730″] Imagine owning a pawn shop in South Africa right now You’ve got a bunch of hard up people queuing at the door wanting your cash. Some are honest…but some are criminals. This past Saturday I took a stroll through some of the more seedy parts of Boksburg. I happened to walk past a […]

They Stole My Truck With All My Stock Still On The Back!

So you’ve just bought a brand-new horse and trailer. So far it’s set you back a couple of million Rand, and the first thing you did was get it insured! Now is the time for this machine to start making you some money…but have you ever given thought to insuring what’s on the trailer? Nowadays […]

Are Our Company Owned Life Insurance Policies Taxable?

If you own a business and are looking to take out business insurance on yourself – or your employees – then today’s article is a must read. Several changes have been made to the Income Tax Act which has implications for life insurance policies owned in the name of your company. Let’s look specifically at […]