Exploring the Advantages of Comprehensive Car Insurance

Are you eagerly anticipating the purchase of your new dream car? Exciting times lie ahead! Naturally, you’ll want to ensure the best care for your vehicle, from cautious driving to regular servicing. But have you considered the importance of protecting yourself financially while traveling on the open road? Let’s delve into the benefits of comprehensive […]

Should you opt for flat or % based car insurance excess?

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Tell us, what do you expect from your insurance? Some of us expect to be better off after a claim. But for most of us, we simply want to be in the same situation as we were before the loss. In this blog post, we look into car insurance excesses and how to avoid picking […]

How do Discovery Insure know you’re a good driver?

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What’s makes you choose one car & home insurance company over another? Is it because: You’re getting the best deal you possibly can, and You’re not going to have hassles if you claim? Funnily enough, for your insurance company it’s about the same two things: Are we making the most money we can out of […]

Car ownership in SA | Does Government have an agenda?

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Owning a car in South Africa is a necessary evil for most of us. It’s necessary because we don’t have a safe, reliable public transport system in place. And it’s evil because it’s a serious drain on our wallets and it’s making us poorer! How many of us would gladly take a bus or a […]

If you insure your car for double will your insurers pay double?

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We were asked this question just the other day: Can I insure my car old for new? The answer to that is ‘no you can’t, but it’s still a great question. Think about it… You’re driving a four-year-old Corolla. Five more payments and it’s yours. Two days later it gets stolen. Lucky for you, you’re […]