The differences between Endowments & Unit Trusts

You’re sitting across the table from your financial advisor talking investments when he or she recommends you stay away from a unit trust and rather go with an endowment. Now you consider yourself to be as intelligent as the next person, but right now the question you’re dying to ask is: “What’s the difference?” Let’s find […]

Keep your money in the bank or invest with an asset manager?

What should you do with your spare money? Stick it in a bank account or invest in a unit trust fund, managed by an asset manager? It really depends on your answers to a few questions which we will cover in this blog post. Before we get into those questions, it’s a good idea that […]

How to find an extra R4,000 in your budget every month

Life Insurance

Do you feel like you wasted a lot of money in 2018 without even being aware of it? If your answer is “Yes”, join the club. We aren’t into New Year’s resolutions, but we have spent some time thinking about ways we could plug the potential leaks in our budgets and enjoy more “money mileage” […]

The taxman can’t wait for your retirement!

“We need R200,000 urgently. Can you cash in our preservation fund?” Remember in our previous article, how we received this request from a client followed shortly by a query: “Why were we only paid R130,000?” What a question to get first thing on a Monday morning, but put yourself in their position – you expect […]

Preservation Funds | Are you throwing good money after bad?

If you aren’t already invested in a Preservation Fund, then this one’s especially for you. It could end up saving you money. However, if you’re already invested in either a Pension or a Provident Preservation fund then it could prevent you from losing money. But here’s a question for everyone reading: Why would you invest in […]