8 things you need to know about Old Mutual’s new funeral insurance

old mutual funeral

If you happen to be the breadwinner in your family, forking out over R200 000 for various family funerals over the course of your life, might not be an over-exaggeration. Can you really afford for this to happen? What impact will this have on your own short-term and long-term saving ambitions?  Old Mutual has just […]

OneSpark are changing the insurance game | Let’s introduce you to them!


Over the past year and a half, many South Africans have faced super tough financial times due to the effects of the pandemic and this, in turn, has impacted their ability to afford insurance premiums. We know this as we have historical missed premium data scales to prove it. Having the right insurance policies in […]

9 frequently asked Funeral Cover questions

funeral cover

Have you ever looked at an offering and wondered if it’s actually worth spending the money? Funeral insurance can be one of those ‘I’m still on the fence’ type of products, right? It’s marketed aggressively, so we’ve all heard our fair share of funeral cover pitches on the radio or TV. But is it something […]

Are 20 Funeral insurance policies better than 1 Life insurance policy?

Who could ever forget Anna… One of our life insurance companies had just sent us a mail stating that another advisor was requesting information on her. Now the only time we ever get these types of mail is when a client is looking around for better options elsewhere. Look, I don’t blame anyone for shopping […]

Can you purchase R50K funeral cover for your 5 year old?

A conversation overheard between husband and wife: “Honey…? Why am I sitting with two funeral policies when all we need is one? One has R20,000 cover for each of us and R10,000 for Matthew. The second one is the same thing but at a different company?” “Don’t you remember? When we took out the insurance, […]