Everything you need to know about Tax-Free Savings Plans in 2020

We don’t have a great savings culture in South Africa. Perhaps it’s because we are battling to keep our proverbial heads above water, or maybe most of us simply have a “live for today” philosophy which is tough to shake. Either way government recognizes our “lack of savings” as a problem and doesn’t want us […]

The biggest advantage of owning a Retirement Annuity!

There’s very little an individual can claim from tax nowadays! So what can you claim from tax? In no particular order and depending on the type of income you receive: • Contributions to a pension or provident fund • Contributions to a retirement annuity • Donations to approved public benefit organisations • Legal expenses relating […]

Tax Free Savings Plans | Follow these rules!

Is there any type of investment – with tax benefits similar to a retirement annuity – which allows you to cash in whenever you want? A retirement annuity has always been the preferred way to get something back from the taxman. It still is…if you earn enough to have a tax problem. But one of […]