Why you can’t afford not to have Medical Gap Cover!

Medical gap cover

It was going to happen sooner or later and you were always going to be the loser. What am I on about? Behind the scenes, there is a battle going on between two industries – the medical schemes and the insurance companies. The loser has always been the insurance industry, but ultimately it’s you. Medical […]

Pay 2020 premiums for your Discovery Health medical aid for the first half of 2021!

Discovery Health

If you belong to a medical aid in South Africa, there’s a fairly good chance you are with Discovery Health. It’s been around 25+ years since Discovery Health launched in South Africa, followed by their incredibly successful Vitality loyalty program. Discovery is, without doubt, the largest medical scheme in South Africa and with all that […]

Things you should consider if your medical aid is too expensive!

medical aid

Are you thinking about taking out a “hospital insurance” policy of sorts? Perhaps your medical aid contributions are getting a little heavy, and you are considering canceling your membership to free up some spare cash every month? Might be a plan, but before you pick up the phone and skop your medical aid into touch, […]

You can join Discovery Vitality for free!

Not sure whether we should be telling you this, but what the heck, we can’t help ourselves. First off, if you asked us what’s the one thing which has made Discovery Health so successful, we’d have to say Vitality. In fact, and this is a big statement to make, Vitality is the ONE thing which […]