Why you can’t afford not to have Medical Gap Cover!

Medical gap cover

It was going to happen sooner or later and you were always going to be the loser. What am I on about? Behind the scenes, there is a battle going on between two industries – the medical schemes and the insurance companies. The loser has always been the insurance industry, but ultimately it’s you. Medical […]

All you need to know about Zestlife Gap Cover


Today we’re asking two questions: Is gap cover a waste of money? Is Zestlife just out there to take your money? Before we answer those questions, here are three things we hate about medical care in South Africa: Spending thousands of Rands a year on medical aid when we seldom claim The thought of having […]

Has your medical aid told you about the gap?

[banner id=”19730″] Will your medical aid pay 100% of the cost for a stay in hospital? Maybe…maybe not. But I wouldn’t bet on it if I was you. Could I ask you to carefully read what is written below – and take action? This article could one day save you, or your loved ones, thousands of Rands. I believe […]

How a medical aid deductible became her worst nightmare!

[banner id=”19730″] What’s the worst that could happen if your ‘perfect’ medical aid plan turned out to be, well…not so ‘perfect’? Last week I got this angry phone call. It was from one of the staff on a Discovery Health group scheme with us. Man, did she go off at me. To make matters worse, she sends me […]


Aren’t you worried about not being on a medical aid scheme? Or maybe about not being able to afford a medical aid scheme once you retire? Problem is, nowadays it’s not only the medical aid scheme you need to worry about…you’ve also got to worry about all the expenses your scheme won’t pick up. Think […]