What does the 2020 supplementary budget mean for you?

2020 budget

The amber light (or is it the red one?) is starting to flicker for us as South Africans. Tito was flinging around some big numbers in his speech. Let’s look at the worst of them. South Africa’s Debt As a country, we are drowning in debt. For every one Rand earned by the state, twenty-one […]

Old Mutual sponsored post | What your Will document & divorce have in common

will document and divorce

Did you know that your Last Will and Testament has more in common with divorce agreements than with any other document known to mankind? Think about a divorce agreement for a moment. The two parties choose to go their separate ways. They haggle back and forward over who gets what, and finally, they sign an […]

Do you have a back-breaking “Black Tax” burden?

It’s fair to say SARS collect a fair amount of our money each month but if you’re a black South African earning an income, you might also be paying “black tax” (sharing your salary with family). Whether the notion of “black tax” is right or wrong is debatable, isn’t it? On the one side of […]

Is cashing in your pension a good idea? Find out with our calculator

Thinking of resigning from your job in the near future? The answer to that question is always: “Of course, who isn’t?” Why stay in one job for the rest of your life? Some of us are already such pros at this; we simply hand in our resignation and say, “I’m outta here.”. The only hassle is […]