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This is a blatant and unashamedly ‘in your face’ sales pitch from my side…but it’s also not quite what you might think. Read on!

I got a call today from a gentleman by the name of Tebogo…
Right off the bat he wanted to know whether it was legal to increase his motor insurance premium after only seven months.

My mind switched into overdrive as I struggled to remember who was calling me. For the life of me I couldn’t remember selling anything to anybody where the premium had increased within such a short time frame.

So I used the classic stalling manoever of…

asking him to tell me more about the policy he had taken out (Sneaky hey?). He then went on to tell me that he had taken insurance out in February this year at a low low premium with another company, but after seven months had received a letter from them informing him that his premium would increase in October by – get this…17%!

I must be honest and admit that a smile crept onto my face. I mean here is the perfect example of someone buying insurance based primarily on price and now having his fingers burnt.

And guess what…

there’s no law stating that a short term insurer cannot do that, however…and here’s where my sales spiel comes in…

there are companies out there who will guarantee your premiums for a full year!
Just maybe I can offer you a premium guaranteed for a full year, and which can either beat or meet your current premium.

Wouldn’t it be good to know that you have at least one expense which can be counted on not to increase within the next year?


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Until next time.

The InsuranceFundi Team


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