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Who doesn’t want to get a refund on their car and home insurance premiums? Imagine you could get up to 100% of your car and home insurance premiums paid back to you. Is that even possible? With Dialdirect it is, so let’s have a look at their Payback programme in more detail.

First off, their Payback programme is divided into 3 sections:

  1. The Dialdirect Payback Bonus (pays back every 4 claims free years)
  2. The Dialdirect Monthly Payback (is based on driver behaviour and policy benefits)
  3. The Dialdirect Payback Booster (based on your taking surveys and getting some stuff done)

Let’s look at each programme in more detail:

  1. Dialdirect Payback Bonus

The Dialdirect Payback Bonus is automatically included in your policy at no additional cost. That’s pretty cool, right? How does it work exactly? You’ll receive a cash payout after 4 years of claims-free uninterrupted cover. This amount is equal to either 25% of all your premiums or your entire first year’s premiums (whichever is less). The cash payout is calculated on your policy premiums excluding fees and commissions if applicable.

What affects my payout? Good question.

  • Missed premium payments (so make sure your debits run)
  • Interruptions in cover
  • All claims except the following:
  • Vehicle claims
  • Vehicle stolen, if an approved tracking system was fitted
  • Windscreen chip repairs
  • Home Contents and Buildings claims
  • Fire-brigade charges following a fire at the residential address
  • Rent to live elsewhere
  • Home Contents Claims
  • Garden furniture
  • Guests’ property
  • Money stolen from the customer’s home
  • Loss of documents, coins or stamps
  • Domestic employee’s belongings
  • Belongings in a removal truck
  • Hole-in-one/Bowling full-house
  • Medical expenses
  • Veterinary expenses
  • All Premium Relief Claims
  • Retrenchment premium waiver
  • Death premium waiver
  • Total permanent disablement premium waiver
  1. Dialdirect Monthly Payback

What is the cost?

If you have comprehensive vehicle insurance, you automatically qualify for Dialdirect Monthly Payback at no additional cost.  How do I qualify to earn?

  1. By having comprehensive vehicle insurance.
  2. By paying your monthly premium.
  3. By downloading and registering on the App.
  4. By having an Overall Drive score at the end of the month.

How and when do I get paid?

Your Dialdirect Monthly Payback is paid into the bank account you selected.

How do you calculate my earnings?

A breakdown of all your potential earnings is shown in the table below.

In column A you will see what Dialdirect are prepared to automatically payback and in column B you will see the additional payback % you can earn.

Your Overall Drive score and your Trip scores are based on a scale of 1 to 5 Stars (5 Stars = best) and is calculated on your driving performance using a number of Drive score factors. See the App or website for more information on the Drive score factors. The Overall Drive score is achieved once you have tracked at least 8 valid trips in a 28 day rolling period. The Overall Drive score, at the end of each month, is used as part of your Dialdirect Monthly Payback calculation.

If you add Home Contents & Building Cover you will earn further paybacks.

Category Automatically Included Monthly PayBack Dialdirect PayBack Monthly Booster
Drive score maximum 15% 60%
* 0% 5%
** 2,5% 7,5%
*** 5% 12,5%
**** 7,5% 20%
***** 15% 60%
Additional cover maximum 10% 10%
Vehicle & Home Contents 5% 5%
Vehicle & Buildings 5% 5%
Vehicle & Home & Buildings 10% 10%
Additional activities maximum 0% 5%
Vehicle safety check Completed annually and you earn 5% when all completed
Survey Completed annually and you earn 5% when all completed
Eye Test Completed annually and you earn 5% when all completed
Risk Confirmation Completed annually and you earn 5% when all completed
Maximum % 25% 75%
  1. Dialdirect Payback Booster

How do I qualify and what does it cost?

If you have comprehensive vehicle insurance, you can activate the Dialdirect Payback Booster for a small additional monthly fee, per vehicle. Once the benefit is added, you can further increase your earnings by successfully completing all of these Additional activities:

  • Vehicle safety check
  • Eye test
  • Risk questionnaire (completed on the websbite or via the App)
  • Activity survey (completed on the website for via the App)

Until next time.

The InsuranceFundi team