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Dialdirect | Portable Possessions Insurance

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Dialdirect offers you comprehensive, flexible and affordable insurance with a monthly cashback benefit for driving right. Get rewarded just for downloading their app. The cover they offer provides you with many reasons to choose them, including:

Portable Possessions insurance

What’s the point of having sunglasses if you can’t secretly stare at other people on the beach? What’s the good of a smartphone if you can’t access Facebook to remember your friends’ birthdays? When your portable possessions are cracked, smashed, bent, or broken, most of them are useless. So, when you add Dialdirect’s Portable Possessions Cover to your Home Contents Insurance policy, rest assured that if something happens to your valuables, like your phone, you won’t be left reading this through cracks in your screen until the day your contract is up.

Unspecified Portable Possessions Insurance

This is for the little, less-expensive items you carry with you on a day-to-day basis, such as your phone charger, most clothes, and wallets and purses, providing the value of these items is less than the amount specified on your schedule. Here Dialdirect will cover you against accidental damage, theft, and loss.

Specified Portable Possessions Insurance

To be covered for your more valuable items, such as your smartphone, tablet, laptop, expensive sunglasses, wristwatch and more, you’ll need to specify these with them so they can add them to your schedule individually. Here they’ll cover you against accidental damage, theft, and loss.


*Ts & Cs apply


Leave your details below if you’re interested in receiving further information & or a quote.

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