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In part twenty three of this series we looked at the Classic Core plan. Now we look at its cheaper cousin – the Classic Delta Core plan.

The difference between Core plans and the rest

I think if you had to boil it down to one major difference, it has to do with the medical savings account and above threshold benefits.

  • The Executive plan has no self-payment gap and an unlimited above threshold benefit
  • The Comprehensive range has a self-payment gap and an unlimited above threshold benefit
  • The Priority range has a self-payment gap and a limited above threshold benefit
  • The Saver range has no above threshold benefit but a day-to-day savings benefit
  • The Core range only pays for chronic medications and hospital

The Classic Delta Core Plan

This plan – like the Classic Core – offers 200% of the DHR for in-hospital treatment by medical professionals.
The difference between the two boils down to your choice of hospital. With the Classic Saver option you may use a private hospital of your choice. On the Delta Saver plan, you must use one of the Delta networked hospitals or else pay R7, 100 upfront at the hospital of your choice.

Let’s start off with the cost:

  • Main member – R1, 535 monthly
  • Adult dependants – R1, 209 per adult
  • Children – R612 per child (A maximum of three children are charged for)

Here’s how the cost compares to Classic Smart:

Classic SmartClassic Delta CoreDifference
Main memberR1, 535R1, 535R0
Discovery Health Rate200%200%
Choice of Private HospitalSmart plan hospital onlyDelta hospital only
GP ConsultationsR50
Eye TestR50
Dental CheckupR100
Sports Related InjuriesR100

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Until next time.

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