Discovery Health 2017 – Part 29

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In part twenty eight of this series we looked at what the KeyCare range offered. Now we look at the KeyCare Plus in terms of cost and where it fits in at the top of the pile.

The difference between KeyCare and everything else at Discovery Health

On all the other plans you get to manage your healthcare expenses.
Even on the Core plan – which only covers hospital visits – you’ve chosen to only address the risk of needing a hospital. You’ve made a conscious decision to manage all the other risks yourself.

On KeyCare, they’re aiming at newcomers to medical aid schemes. These are people paying for a benefit which they expect to receive. Don’t tell them that they’ve run out of savings halfway through the year.

The KeyCare Plus plan

This plan is the most expensive and comprehensive of all the KeyCare options since it allows you to:

  • Use a KeyCare networked private hospital,
  • Visit a KeyCare networked GP,
  • Visit a dentist for basic dentistry
  • Get a pair of new spectacles every two years, and
  • See a specialist up until a limit is reached.

Let’s look at the cost

Remember there are three price points depending on your salary

R0 to R8, 100 a month:

  • Main member – R914 monthly
  • Adult dependants – R914 per adult
  • Children – R331 per child (A maximum of three children are charged for)

R8, 100 to R11, 550 a month:

  • Main member – R1, 280 monthly
  • Adult dependants – R1, 280 per adult
  • Children – R358 per child (A maximum of three children are charged for)

R11, 551+ a month:

  • Main member – R1, 906 monthly
  • Adult dependants – R1, 906 per adult
  • Children – R510 per child (A maximum of three children are charged for)

At this price point it makes sense to start looking at some of the plans higher up on the platform.

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