Discovery Insure | Here’s Why VitalityDrive Makes Sense For Couples

I’ve waxes lyrical on how the VitalityDrive fuel reward works in a previous insurance post (And I know you’re getting tired of it!).
Basically VitalityDrive works as follows…

  • The maximum amount of points you can rack up in any one month is 1, 400.
  • The maximum discount available to you in cash every month is 40% of what you spend on fuel at any BP fuel station on your DiscoveryCard.
  • The discount is limited to the lower of your fuel spend or your points earned in that month
  • Spend R1, 400 or more on fuel every month – along with 1, 400 points – and you get R560 back in cash!

Simple isn’t it?
But here’s what I never thought of…

How many cars are there in most households today? …Two right?
Which means how many drivers are in the average household? …Two right?

Here’s where the massive fuel discount potential comes into play!

Let’s imagine both spouses earn 1, 000 points each and every month and do the whole BP/DiscoveryCard thing.
They spend R2, 000 a month on fuel (Which isn’t hard to do nowadays anyway!). Now we’re talking about R800 back in cash (R2, 000 x 40%) each and every month.

That’s one fuel bill taken care of each month!

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