Discovery Insure | How Does The VitalityDrive Fuel Reward Work?


Discovery Insure has informed you that since you’re a good driver, you now earn 1, 000 DQ points each and every month. But what exactly do these DQ points do for you?

I’m in a similar position myself right now. I am one of the select few who has a Pick ‘n Pay ‘Smartshopper’ card. Everytime I go into my local Pick ‘n Pay, they ask for my card, and dutifully I hand it over. Recently I got a letter from them stating that I have 6 000 points, which is great, but what the heck am I supposed to do with them?

So here’s what you need to do…

  1. Step one is obviously the fact that you need to join the VitalityDrive program at R49 per month for the first vehicle
  2. Step two is that you need to fill your tank up at your local BP garage – always!
  3. Step three is that you must go ASAP to Tiger Wheel and Tyre and get the Multipoint check done. This takes your discount from 10% to 25% immediately.
  4. If you’re smart you’ll apply for a DiscoveryCard since this adds 10% to your fuel rewards – from being only 5% up to 15%!
  5. Then you have the option to take your rewards in cash or pay them into your Excess Funder Account. The smart money’s on the Excess Funder Account but that’s a story for another video. Taking your rewards in cash gives you a 40% discount each and every month!

Now go watch the video!

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