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I’m all about putting my own money where my mouth is when it comes to insurance!
We’ve been pushing the benefits of the new Discovery Insure car and home insurance product hard over the last while.

So if this short term insurance offering is so hot, why haven’t I moved my own car and home insurance across to Discovery Insure?

Well I have!
The VitalityDrive cards have arrived in the post, DiscoveryCard division called me to arrange a new credit card this week, and today Warren from C-track rolled in and installed my new state of the art DQ-Track system (the one that measures how you drive)

So I’m good to go. Monday is the 1st August 2011 and my new DiscoveryInsure policy kicks off. I’m really keen to test the system and more keen to start saving some money on my fuel. Pull into a BP station, fill up with fuel, swipe my VitalityDrive Card, pay with my DiscoveryCard and save money. Sounds good to me..

Has the whole Discovery Insure application process been easy?

Yip it has. I mean it’s a brand new product offering so It wasn’t 100% but I’ve experienced far worse and because it’s still a fledgling operation I’m prepared to cut them a little slack.

I will give major props to C-Track. They arrived on time, the installation guy Warren was friendly and fast.

Actually after I took his picture for this blog post we started chatting about the Discovery Insure product. He installs the tracking units but actually doesn’t know anything about the product offering.

After ten minutes (me explaining the benefits to him) he was sold. I’m emailing him a quote tomorrow.

I guess the only question then is…when am I going to get the chance to email one to you?

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Until next time.

The InsuranceFundi Team


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