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You can count on one hand the people who really know our deepest, darkest secrets…literally!

First, there are our parents. Guaranteed they will tell anyone within earshot about everything from your first nappy change to the time you were 10 years old and decided to spray paint your bicycle while leaning it against their car. Then we have our spouses. They unfortunately know the very best and the very worst about us; things that would make even our parents’ cringe.

Next in line after family, you’d think it would be friends, but not so. The second group consists of our lawyers and accountants. When it comes to death and divorce, you can count on your attorney being involved in both. When it comes to income and taxes, few besides SARS, and often not even our spouse, knows as much as your Accountant.

Which brings us to the point of this article – financial advice.

Question is, “Why do we use three people when one or two is all we need?”

We have:

  • A financial advisor for our life insurance and investment needs,
  • An attorney for our marital contracts and wills, and
  • An accountant for our taxes.
Surely, an accountant or attorney, could take care of their client’s insurance and investment needs?

Old Mutual certainly seems to think so. In fact, if you’re an Attorney or Accountant, they would like to discuss two proposals with you:

  1. Refer your clients or
  2. Do it yourself.
Refer your clients

Here you identify your client’s need, you refer them to Old Mutual, and you earn up to 60% upfront referral fee.

Do it yourself

You identify your client’s need, you address the need within your practice, and then you service your clients. Surely all that work is worth 100% of the ongoing fee? This option means you need to have a BCom finance degree, or equivalent as well as having completed the Regulatory Examination.

Look at it this way, either you address your clients needs or someone else will. The difference is that there is a way for you:

  • to offer additional value to your clients, and
  • to position yourself as unique in your industry.

Sound interesting?

Leave your details below and we will get a consultant from Old Mutual to contact you.

Disclaimer: Old Mutual Life Assurance Company (SA) Limited is a licensed FSP and Life Insurer.

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