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Have you ever had this argument with your son or daughter?

He or she reckons they’re a better driver than you since they’ve done the whole K53 thing two years ago. You reckon you’re the better driver because you have twenty years of experience.

So who is actually the better driver?

Well, you of course and the car and home insurance companies will tell you so.

Recently I tried to replace a client’s car and home insurance policy. At that stage, she had a R4,650 flat excess. But as I scrolled down her policy I noticed that there were additional excesses applicable over and above the R4, 650.
For instance:

  • If the driver was younger than 25 and not the regular driver – add another R4,650 – R9,300 in total
  • If the driver has a learner’s license – R2,200 on top of that
  • If the driver has had a driving license for less than two years – R2,200 on top of the R4,650

Now don’t get me wrong; the car and home insurance company I quoted with also had additional excesses applicable. In this instance, anyone with a license less than two years old had to pay an additional R2,000. So, on top of the R3,500 standard excess, an additional R2,000 was payable. That’s R5,500.

The bottom line is to think twice before lending your son the Beemer!

Which brings me to those of us who have “other” licenses

Most of the older folk have what’s known as an EB driving licence. In the old days, this was known as code 8. Nowadays everyone seems to have a B license which is also okay.

The problem comes in with the C1 licenses.

You’ve seen them…the guys or gals driving the three-ton trucks with the learner driver stickers on them. Apparently, they don’t have to do the ‘parallel park’ nor the ‘3 point turn’ which would explain all those dings on your car after parking at the shopping centre.

Discovery Insure now includes this as a rating factor, and I’m sure other car and home insurance companies will soon follow, or maybe they’re already doing this, who knows?

And finally those of us with no licenses

I remember crashing my dad’s eleven hundred Kawasaki when I was sixteen or so. The insurance company gave him one option – open a case of theft and they’d allow the claim.
I’m endlessly grateful to my mom for persuading him not too, and till today I’m still not sure whether he’s ever forgiven me.


I’ve noticed big differences in the excesses charged between the different car and home insurance companies. I can’t believe that so many people fall for cheap insurance without considering the excesses.

And before you close this page…why not tell us about the time you crashed your dad’s car without a license? Leave a comment as a guest below.

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