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1st for Women | Car Insurance

Having the right car insurance cover for your specific needs makes it easy to confidently go about your day and live your best life, that’s exactly why 1st for Women has a variety of car insurance products to choose from.

They give you a choice between Comprehensive, 3rd Party Fire, and 3rd Party Only vehicle Insurance cover, so you can take the one that best suits your individual needs.

Car Insurance Benefits:

  • Guardian Angel on Call: Depending on your cover, this benefit includes: their mobile crash detector that sends an ambulance if you need emergency medical assistance if you were in a severe accident, an authorised tow-truck to meet you at your exact location, a Guardian Angel to wait with you if you feel unsafe, a lift to get you wherever you need to go, and their claims team will be notified immediately of your accident. 
  • Guardian Angels Lifestyle Assistance: includes home assist, medical assist & tax, finance & legal assist
  • Medical costs up to R500 due to an accident

*Ts & Cs apply


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