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Life’s there to be lived – you push hard to get the most from it. And when you’re pushing hard, things go right but sometimes things go wrong … cars stop working and stuff goes walking. But that’s life, a life well-lived. And 1st for Women knows – you’ve got this. And they’ve got you covered, with insurance specifically designed for women.

In addition to a comprehensive suite of insurance products from car and home to business and life insurance, 1st for Women’s got your back with a host of other benefits. From Guardian Angel 24/7 Accident and Roadside Assistance to the 1st for Women Foundation, which supports the fight against woman abuse.

We’ve unpacked some of the many benefits that 1st for Women offers:

Guardian Angel on Call:

Through the 1st for Women app, you get 24/7 Accident and Roadside Assistance. And much more. It’s all about keeping you – and your loved ones – safe. Here’s how:

  • A mobile crash detector: senses severe accidents. Sends help immediately to your location.
  • An ambulance for emergency medical assistance.
  • An authorised tow-truck you can track to your exact location.
  • A lift if your vehicle was towed.
  • Stand-by-Me – a Guardian Angel to wait with you until help arrives.
  • Automatic claims notification: Our claims team notified immediately of your accident
  • Share Guardian Angel on Call with your regular driver/s and five loved ones.
  • A roadside assistance provider that you can track to your exact location if your vehicle is out of fuel, has a flat battery, or a flat tyre.

Guardian Angel Lifestyle Assistance

This includes a host of benefits, like:

Road Assist:

  • We’re not sure about you, but for us getting lost is a horrible experience. It’s not safe or ideal to get onto your phone & start downloading maps, so 1st for Women offers Directions Assist – a 24-hour helpline that provides direction guidance if you are travelling within the borders of South Africa. Think of it as a telephonic GPS navigation system, and all it takes is one phone call. Clear directions will be given telephonically while you are driving
  • If any of you have daughters who are now driving or a wife who is on the road most of the day for work, 1st For Women’s Trip Monitor benefit is the perfect reason to take out insurance for them.  After a night out on the town or a long road trip, you could use Trip Monitor, which will contact the driver every 30 minutes to ensure that she is still safely en-route. If contact is at all interrupted, a loved one will be informed, and the time and location of the last communication will be passed on.

Home Assist:

Because you put so much love into your house to make it a home, you deserve speedy assistance for home emergencies. A burst geyser, broken window, lost house keys – in these situations, a call-out from a plumber or locksmith can be a costly one. That’s why 1st For Women offers their Guardian Angels Home Assist benefit. They will cover the call-out fee, plus one hour’s labour, for the services of plumbers, electricians, glaziers, and locksmiths. You can get up to five call-outs per household each year.

Medical Assist:

If you have a medical emergency, Digicall can be contacted 24 hours a day to arrange emergency medical assistance and transportation. This benefit gives you access to a 24-hour emergency medical assistance contact centre and they will assist you with the immediate dispatch of emergency medical services in order to provide life-saving assistance. Following an accident, your children are transported to a place of safety if need be.

Legal Assist:

Legal Assist offers you the opportunity to speak to qualified attorneys who provide telephonic legal advice services for things like leases, Wills and contracts, and provide legal documentation like when you are buying or selling a home.

They also offer tax and financial assistance. Tax Assist’s qualified and experienced experts give you guidance over the phone when you want to find out how to complete your tax return, calculate how much tax you will need to pay and so much more.

In addition to all of this, when you join 1st for Women, you join a community of women supporting women. A portion of all their customers’ premiums are donated to the 1st for Women Foundation, which to date has raised over R70 million for woman abuse causes.

1st For Women has come up with such amazing ways to assist women who are juggling so much, every single day. They aren’t just an insurance company, they’re a huge support for their female clients.

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