Going For Gold Vitality Status with Discovery – Final Step

My week long quest to try and earn the 45 000 points necessary to elevate me from Discovery Vitality Blue to Gold status is complete. Four steps, 7 days and a total of 45 000 points on offer! How did I fair? You will need to look out for my “report card” later this week when I finally get a chance to tally up my well-earned Vitality points. This blog post deals with the final step in my challenge which was a trip to a Nutritionist – not something I was overly excited about.

I must be honest, I was a little skeptical about this step in the process. Firstly, it was going to cost me R275 and required actually setting up an appointment with a qualified Nutritionist and trekking across town, mid-week, for the consultation. Secondly what was I going to get out of this besides Vitality points? My eating habits are Ok!
Let’s just say that I was having serious thoughts about cancelling the appointment a few hours before I was scheduled to see the Nutritionist. I’ve got better things to do with my time. But I didn’t. I needed to make the effort. I had committed to this challenge and this was the final step, so I headed off for my scheduled chit-chat about carbohydrates, low GI food stuffs and fatty acids.

Sounds riveting I thought…
Funnily enough, it was actually one of the best hour sessions I have spent with someone in a long time.
Anita (Nutritionist) started off by doing the whole BMI (Body Mass Index) test and then for one full hour we discussed what I was eating and how it tied up with my lifestyle. I really mean we discussed everything from the type of energy bars I was chomping during my weekly Mountain Bike trail rides to the type of peanut butter I was spreading on my toast. It was very conversational which I enjoyed and throughout the discussion Anita gave me some good pointers. While I was rattling off, Anita was capturing the information on her laptop and I can only assume that the information was going into some type of Discovery Vitality online matrix which would generate Vitality points based on my answers.

After the hour long session was up and Anita had given me some great tips on how to make a few changes in my eating habits, I thanked her and left. That was that.
5000 Vitality points just for showing up (well, at a cost of R275 for the consultation) and a potential 2500 Vitality bonus points on offer, if I was at my goal weight.
Did I get something out of the consultation besides Vitality points? I guess I did. All in all, money and time well spent!
Below are the links to the first 3 steps in my challenge to earn Vitality Gold Points. Watch out for my next post which is my “report card”. Did I manage to earn all 45 000 points?

Step One – Online Health Assessment via the Discovery website

Step Two – Preventative Screening Tests Completed By Discovery Nurse

Step Three – Fitness Assessment with Biokineticist at Virgin Active Gym

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