Going for Gold Vitality Status With Discovery – Step Three

I’m past the halfway stage now! In case you haven’t been following my progress, I’m aiming to earn myself the 45 000 points needed to elevate me from Discovery’s Vitality Blue Status to Gold Status. The kicker is I’m trying to get it all done in one week. Loyalty schemes are cool, only if you can earn the points you require to get proper discounts quickly enough. Step one was completing the Online Health Assessment via Discovery’s website. Easy peasy! Step two involved getting a Discovery Vitality nurse out to my place to get some Preventative Screening Tests completed. Ok, that was a little more difficult but not the end of the world. Step three is having a Fitness Assessment completed at a Virgin Active Gym. I think this one’s going to be the toughest challenge. Did I break a sweat? You better believe it, I’ve got video evidence to prove it!

I started this challenge on Sunday the 13th March 2011. The idea is to have all the requirements completed by Friday the 18th and then check the Discovery website on Sunday the 20th for a points review. Exactly one week later.

Sunday I popped onto Discovery’s website and completed the online health assessment. Pretty easy stuff! Monday morning a Vitality nurse popped in to do the Preventative Screening Tests which wasn’t nearly as intrusive as I thought it might be. Monday afternoon I jumped into my car and headed down to see Henro the Biokineticist at the local Virgin Active Gym.

This step in the process had 11 500 points on offer. 7500 points just for showing up and completing the fitness assessment and another 4000 bonus points for being at Fitness Level 3 (what-ever that actually means).

Henro was a cool, young Biokineticist who checked my blood pressure, BMI (Body Mass Index) and then put me through some fitness, strength and flexibility tests. The whole assessment took about an hour.

Types of Tests Completed

Climbing up and down steps at different speed levels to check my heart rate and recovery time
Doing as many push up’s as I could in 1 minute
Doing as many abdominal crunches as I could in 1 minute
A flexibility test which involved some stretching


Did a break a sweat? Yes. I mean it wasn’t a very heavy workout, but enough to get the heart rate up and I certainly required a shower when I got back home.
Was there any cost involved? R175 bucks which you could claim back from your Medical Savings Account (let’s hope you still have some left!)
Besides the points, did I actually gain anything from this? I think I did. I’m not as fit as I thought I was. That’s actually what I got out of this step. Certainly room for improvement. Time to re-look at the gym routine and perhaps fit in a strength session 😉

Look out for my last step in this process which is the Nutrition Assessment.

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