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When do kids stop becoming kids? “Never” I hear you chuckle! I don’t have any of my own (just yet) but I have seen a couple of 40-year-old kids in my time! The problem is your medical aid scheme isn’t going to allow your 40-year-old to remain on your scheme as a child dependent. So what’s the cut off age then? When does a child dependent on a medical scheme become an adult dependent? More importantly, when do you start shelling out more money?

At age 21 (that’s for most medical schemes in South Africa). So as soon as Johnny turns 21 not only are you going to need to fit the bill for his “op skop” but also start budgeting for additional medical aid premiums!

So does the scheme wait until the end of the year before the increase?

If it was your medical aid scheme would you wait? Don’t be crazy! You would want to get more money in as soon as possible. Your medical scheme will charge you adult dependent rates as soon as your child turns 21. If Johnny’s birthday is the 21st September and your medical aid collection date is the 1st October, expect an increase.

How much more could you be paying?

Again, it can vary from one medical scheme to another and also which plan type you are on but here is a quick matrix based on Discovery Health’s 2012 rates. I’ve just pulled down a few plans to give you an idea of what it would cost you to have your child turn 21.

Plan Type Main & Child Main & Adult Premium Variance % Increase
Executive R4003 R6730 R2727 68%
Classic Comp R3312 R5369 R2057 62%
Classic Priority R2590 R3307 R717 28%
Classic Saver R2312 R2952 R640 28%
Classic Core R1720 R2196 R476 28%

If you are on a mid-range medical aid plan bank  on a 30% increase (give or take).

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