Having A Burglar Alarm Doesn’t Mean Your Claim Is Valid

Okay, you’re sitting comfortably at home when the neighbour gives you tinkle and invites you over for a cup of coffee.
So without a moment’s thought you close the front door and shoot over to your neighbour.
While there you receive a visit from an unwelcome guest… say goodbye flatscreen…and hello insurance broker!

Do you reckon you’ve got a valid claim with your insurance company?

The sad news is that no you don’t.
The focus of today’s car and home insurance article is a little-known thing called your burglar alarm warranty…

Let’s take a look at what the Santam policy wording has to say about alarm systems:

  • The first thing you need to know is that you’re alarm system must be in working condition. That’s what a very important that you check your alarm at least once every month. If the wrong doesn’t work then you don’t have a claim.
  • The second thing is that none of the passive motion detectors are to be obstructed or be bypassed when arming the alarm system.

Now here is the biggie…

  • If your home is left unattended and the alarm system has not been set, then your insurance company will not entertain your claim!

So there you have it… Leave the home unattended – even if it’s to pop in next door -and if you get burgled while next-door, then you’re in a bit of a pickle I’d say.

By the way, always make a point of reading all the clauses, warranties and conditions on your insurance policy; and don’t for a moment think that the clauses contained in your regional policy document are the only clauses applicable to your contract of insurance.
Your insurance company will routinely send you updates via mail. These updates replace existing clauses in the contract between you and the insurance company, so don’t simply trash them!

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