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We understand just how tough the current economic climate is. We have kids at schools, bonds, car payments and grocery bills to pick up just like you. So when it comes to paying insurance premiums every month, we understand that it isn’t easy deciding which policy to pick. The other day over coffee, we discussed the fact that most South Africans would like to insure every risk in their lives, but unfortunately most of us don’t have enough money spare each month to take out all the cover we need. Which insurance policies are the most important to you? If you had R2,000 a month to spend on insurance policies which products would you choose? Is medical aid more important to you than a funeral plan? Do you need to cover your car before anything else, because a loss would mean no car and still owing the bank a whack of money?

We thought this question would make a great Poll, so we are asking you to participate below and stand a chance of winning R3,000. The Poll will close at the end of February 2017 and the winner will be announced on this blog. Please make sure that once you have participated in the Poll, you leave your details below so we can give you a call or drop you a mail if you are the lucky winner.

Once you have voted, please leave your details below so we can contact you if you are the lucky winner of the R3,000 cash prize.

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Cool, thanks for participating in our Poll and we are looking forward to helping you save on your insurance premiums.

The InsuranceFundi team