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What’s the first thing that springs to mind when you hear the words “Big Mac”?

McDonald’s, right?

Possibly, you’ve eaten more than a few of them in your lifetime. So, why would you do that? Their burgers must be good or else you wouldn’t be buying them. Could it be because you know what you’re getting regardless of where you buy – Joburg or Cape Town, they’re all the same?

What you’re probably less familiar with, is the two men behind them.

Two men. Wasn’t it Ray Kroc who made McDonald’s famous? Yes, but without the McDonald’s brothers – Richard and Maurice – he could not have done it. They were responsible for the assembly line process which so fascinated Ray. McDonald’s was an old-fashioned roadhouse where you could order anything and everything from steaks to burgers…but you had to wait your turn. Teenagers loved meeting there for milkshakes, but Richard and Maurice noticed that young families were less and less inclined to sit around waiting for their orders.

They decided to slash their food menu to just one thing – hamburgers. Then they created an assembly line process which cut serving time from 20 minutes to 30 seconds. Bingo, they had hit the jackpot! Ray Kroc, on the other hand, saw the potential for duplicating the concept across the country, and so the biggest restaurant franchise in the world was born. What is really amazing is that the same concept could be duplicated across thousands of unrelated industries. One such industry being financial services.

In South Africa, Old Mutual just so happens to have over 170 years worth of experience in financial services. They have also developed a winning formula for anyone wanting to create a successful financial services business. Anyone with the necessary drive can now duplicate their success using the same franchise principle. What Old Mutual does not have, is enough people with the necessary experience and the vision to run with their formula. Which means, that if you have the experience and are frustrated with just having a small financial services practise, then you could be the perfect match.

So, what can Old Mutual offer you?

Old Mutual is searching for experienced financial advisors with the desire to grow their business by having a team of financial advisors working for them. Problem is, the more people you have, the more admin is involved, the more the headaches you have. While it’s nice to own a big business, it’s not so nice being in it by yourself. Would it help having a company like Old Mutual taking care of much of that? And no, it does not make you some ‘glorified’ manager working for Old Mutual. It is your business. Old Mutual believes that the more successful you become, the more successful they become.

What does Old Mutual offer franchisees?
  • Access to a team of legal and compliance experts
  • They provide full product training and systems support
  • Access to an extensive range of products and solutions within the Old Mutual group
  • They provide marketing support
  • They run a full calendar of customer campaigns and customer events
  • They offer access to a range of external partners within the financial services industry
  • They provide total client engagement training based on the Pareto System
  • Their incentives schemes and rewards conventions are among the best in the industry
  • Essentially, they give you a business in a box, where you are open for business from day one

If you are an experienced financial advisor looking to duplicate yourself by finding 5, 10, or 500 people just like you, simply submit your details.

Disclaimer: Old Mutual Life Assurance Company (SA) Limited is a licensed FSP and Life Insurer.

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