You can join Discovery Vitality for free!

Not sure whether we should be telling you this, but what the heck, we can’t help ourselves.

First off, if you asked us what’s the one thing which has made Discovery Health so successful, we’d have to say Vitality. In fact, and this is a big statement to make, Vitality is the ONE thing which makes Discovery stand out from all other companies worldwide.

Don’t believe us? Think about what they sell:

  • medical aid and medical gap cover,
  • life insurance,
  • investments,
  • motor and household insurance,
  • and very soon, a bank.

Boring, right? Other companies have been doing this over a hundred years before Discovery was even a thought in the back of Mr Gore’s mind – and other companies are doing it well. The one thing Discovery does differently is Vitality.

Some quick facts about Discovery Vitality

  • 10 million Vitality members worldwide was what we recall hearing at their recent launch
  • Locally, Vitality Active rewards has 500, 000 members. Think of how many people it takes to fill the FNB stadium while you’re at it.
  • 8 million coffees and smoothies have been paid for by Vitality active rewards since it began. Get your head around that by multiplying at R20 a drink (and that’s on the cheap side).
  • R7 million has been donated to charities through their MoveToGive option

So why should you care?

Honestly, you shouldn’t.  After all, unless you own life insurance with them, or belong to Discovery Health, you can’t join…until now.

For a short window period, Discovery Vitality Active is open to all South Africans. Ready to get your feet wet?

So, get this: If you’re older than 18, you have until the 29th of November 2018 to download the Discovery app from the Apple Store or Google Play, and test drive it. So, don’t waste a moment. After reading this article, go download the App right now.

  • Step 1    Download the Discovery App
  • Step 2    Register with your ID & Cellphone No (You will receive an OTP pin via SMS)
  • Step 3    Set up your Username & Password
  • Step 4    Click through the T&C’s

That is the registration process completed.

Step 5   You will now be prompted to download the Samsung Health App so Discovery can track your fitness days.

  • Achieve your fitness goals and you’ll enjoy rewards just like the paying members do.

How do you earn rewards?

  • Achieve 3 or more fitness days every week. How do you do this? By visiting your Planet Fitness or Virgin Active. Not a member of a gym? Take part in a Park Run, myrun, or walking 10, 000 steps a day as measured by the Apple Health app or the S Health app
  • And then there’s your driving ability. Driving goals are measured through the Discovery app

For every exercise and drive goal achieved, you get to play the game board. The game board is on the app so don’t worry where you’ll find it. Hidden in the game board is what’s called a ‘Vitality Diamond’ which pays rewards for life. But even if you don’t win a Vitality Diamond, you earn reward points. These you can spend on coffees and smoothies or save for even bigger rewards if you decide to join.

Is it free forever?

Unfortunately, not. We reckon it’s just to give you a taster of what to expect as a Vitality member. For some of you it will make perfect sense, and for others not.

Discovery has some fantastic offers during this window if you’re interested.

For instance:

  • if you join Vitality, you save R1, 196 on the joining fee at Virgin Active and Planet fitness. The gym activation fee for new Vitality members is R799 and includes Classic and justGym clubs.
  • Then there’s a R500 Healthyfood voucher which you receive after being a Vitality member for 2 months.
  • Up to R700 per month guaranteed reward if you join Discovery Insure during this time.
  • Up to 50% of your first years Discovery Classic or Life classic premiums paid back

And if you’re worried about cost…

You can join Vitality Active from just R45 a month if you’re younger than 30. If you’re older than 30. Then R65 a month is what you’ll pay.


Be aware that there are terms and conditions applicable to all the above. These can be viewed on the Discovery website.

But what’s the risk to you? Give it a try, if it’s not for you, then at least you got to test the product. If you like it, then they’re offering plenty of incentive for you to join.

Find out what 500,000 other people have already discovered. Download that App today.

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