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What happens if you invest too much into your Retirement Annuity?

We’ve never seen this happen…but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t ever. And even if it does happen, it’s not the end of the world. Why is that, you may ask. Well, let’s take a peek at the tax deductions surrounding retirement funds. Basically, you’re allowed to invest...

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Momentum Myriad Life Insurance | Product Review

Bank extra Momentum Life Cover while you’re healthy & only activate it down the line. We’ve started a series of product reviews on our blog because more and more of you have been asking for a breakdown of rather technical insurance information. It’s a great idea...

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Car ownership in SA | Does Government have an agenda?

Owning a car in South Africa is a necessary evil for most of us. It’s necessary because we don’t have a safe, reliable public transport system in place. And it’s evil because it’s a serious drain on our wallets and it’s making us poorer! How many of us would gladly...

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ABSA Instant Life Cover Product Review

Review: Get ABSA Instant Life cover in under 30-minutes, with lower premiums and 20% cash back There are 4 things you should take notice of in the title of this blog post. Get covered in under 30-minutes Low premiums 20% cash back ABSA Let’s add a 5th point to that:...

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So you thought life insurance pays out tax-free?

Could one mistake on your life cover application end up costing you R300,000? Leave your life cover to the wrong person and it could end up costing thousands of Rand's. Leave it to the ‘right’ person and it costs nothing (Although you've got to wonder if the lady in...

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Why do you need a AA Motor Warranty Plan from R99pm?

Let’s be honest here, things are tough in South Africa economically and all of us are feeling the pinch! Buying a brand-new car is not only a costly exercise but, honestly, cars are depreciating assets and so sometimes it’s better to just make the car you have last...

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If you insure your car for double will your insurers pay double?

We were asked this question just the other day: Can I insure my car old for new? The answer to that is ‘no you can’t, but it’s still a great question. Think about it… You’re driving a four-year-old Corolla. Five more payments and it’s yours. Two days later it gets...

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Get comparative life insurance quotes in seconds with Comparisure!

The interesting thing about having a blog is the questions you sometimes get asked. Take this one for instance: Which company would you recommend for life insurance? We don’t represent every life company in South Africa, so that’s a tough one 🙂 The correct answer is...

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Why is it imperative that you have Salary Protection cover?

It would probably take 3 or 4 missed pay cheques to sink most South African households. That is an extremely sobering thought, isn’t it? If you found yourself in a situation where you could no longer earn an income (due to an accident or illness), it could very easily...

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