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Tired of hearing us go on and on about the need for medical aid top up cover? Listen to what one of our clients has to say about this type of insurance and why you should consider it.

You know what gives me absolute joy as an insurance broker?

When someone get’s the right insurance coverage and it pays out when then need it to. It’s the type of job satisfaction that keeps me in the game. Here is a perfect example of how insurance is supposed to work. Interested party is looking for information because they have identified a risk area. That interested party finds a reliable, honest insurance broker who, after listening, matches them with the right product. Client claims, money pays out. In this particular case it happens to be a medical aid gap cover policy and claim.

Here’s a true story about medical aid top up cover from one of our clients…

In November 2010 I gave birth to my ‘laat-lammetjie’ at Olivedale Hospital. I went into labour early and had to have an emergency c-section and my baby was in ICU for 6 days. At the time, I was not concerned about the cost’s involved as my medical aid had allows covered me completely for all in-hospital procedures. And when I got my authorization numbers they told me all was covered.

Unknown to me, my medical aid option had changed in 2010 and they now only covered specialists in hospital up to 200% of the recommended tariff.  So about 2 weeks after my bundle of joy was born, I received the not so joyful news that only two thirds of my Paediatrician’s bill was being paid. I suddenly had to find R8 000 to pay the doctor. I pay R4500 a month for my hospital plan and it didn’t cover everything!  I was not a happy camper!

Then a friend mentioned medical gap cover products – I had never heard of it!
So I googled ‘medical gap cover‘ and found  an article about it on Insurance Fundi’s website –
They made it sound all so simple that I thought I had to be missing something. I mean, such a good product, surely everyone would get it! I emailed them and Brendan replied to me the same day explaining that the gap cover was easy to access and inexpensive. Brendan’s prompt service and answers to my questions really inspired confidence in the product and I told him to go ahead and sign me up.

He sent all the paperwork to me within a day (By now I was highly impressed with the service!) and before the end of the week, my application was approved and I had my medical gap cover.

Recently my daughter had to have her tonsils out and again the specialist bills were more than what my medical aid covered. When I got the bill for the balance owing , I simply submitted it to Brendan along with the specialist’s invoice and I was amazed  that the money was in my account within 1 week. I was able to make the payment to the specialist – no hassles! Having  medical top-up cover has given me tremendous peace of mind that I will not sit with HUGE bills every time one of my family has to go into hospital! And I have to say that the service I have received from Brendan has been incomparable! These guys understand how to deliver and I would and have recommended them to everyone I know that is looking for insurance of any kind!

Beverly Watkins – Satisfied Client

Enough said.

InsuranceFundi has partnered with some of SA’s most reputable insurance and investment companies. We believe that everyone should have access to a wide range of comprehensive and affordable solutions. Pick the product you are interested in below, and expect a call-back from our partners.

Until next time.

The InsuranceFundi Team


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