My pet insurance hasn’t cost me a cent this year

Does pet insurance really make financial sense? I’ve had a OnePlan pet insurance product for a year now, and I thought it would be a great idea to share what I’ve paid in, versus how much I’ve been paid out. If you have a dog or a cat, you might be on the fence about pet Insurance, so perhaps this short blog post will change your mind.

I added a new bulldog to the family this time last year, and I was concerned about the potential Vet bills. So, I decided to put my dog onto a medical aid with OnePlan at R360 a month (cheaper options are available)

  • In the 11 months, I have been with OnePlan, I have paid in R3960 in premiums.
  • In the 11 months, I have been with OnePlan, they have paid me out R3803 for claims

Now you might be thinking that it would have been a wiser idea just to have saved the money and self-funded the bills.

It would have, except for this little fact that you are missing – the plan I have chosen (SuperPlan) has a day-to-day benefit (like a medical aid you belong to) and an in-hospital benefit.

The R360 a month not only includes day-to-day benefits, which has basically paid me out as much as I have paid in but has extensive in-hospital cover which I had the luxury of having but didn’t need to claim against.

Watch the quick video below as I look into the policy schedule.

I’ve scored this year because this is the only insurance policy I own which allowed me to claims as much as I have contributed. And I had the peace of mind knowing that if my dog landed up at the Vet for an extended period of time, that would have also been covered.

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