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On the 17th of January in 1942 the “Louisville Lip” was born.

His name was Cassius Marcellus Clay Jr and he would become one of the greatest boxers of all time. So great in fact, that he earned the nickname, the “Greatest.” You might know him by the name of Muhammad Ali – fast with his mouth and even faster with his feet and fists. What is lesser-known, is the man who trained him – Angelo Dundee. Angelo was the cornerman in all but two of Ali’s fights. He was the man who honed Muhammad Ali into the legend we know today and Dundee always referred to Ali as “my kid.” He did the same thing for 15 other world boxing champions some of whom you may know – names like Sugar Ray Leonard and George Foreman.

How much of Ali’s success was due to his picking a trainer and sticking with him till the end?

You see, when it comes to boxing, two ingredients are needed:

  1. A talented individual with the hunger to win, and
  2. Someone in their corner to train them, encourage them and advise them

Come to think of it, every successful person has needed someone in their corner.

At Old Mutual, their clients trust them with their lives, and they believe that they are good at being in their corner. After all, they have been doing the very same thing for over 170 years – longer than anyone else in South Africa. But they also know that they cannot do it alone. They need talented people, who are hungry for success. Nowhere is this more important than with the people who interact with their clients, who provide the right advice to them, who encourage them, and who build relationships with them.

Old Mutual is very selective about who represents them, and so they should be. That said, they are always scouting for talented individuals to join their team. Individuals who are driven not only by achievement but also with a desire to help others achieve financial success. But it is not only talented individuals they are looking for. Old Mutual is looking for individuals who are selective about the company they join, and about the clients, they do business with. In other words, they want their financial advisors to be as selective as they are. After all, aren’t all good relationships founded on common interests?

So, what can Old Mutual offer you?

Old Mutual has two opportunities available to you. The first is an Old Mutual Financial Advisor working in one of their Old Mutual Franchises. The second is as a financial advisor wishing to start their own business as an Old Mutual franchise holder. Let us look at each of these opportunities.

Old Mutual Financial Advisor

Few career paths offer the opportunity to achieve extraordinary financial success without a substantial investment of both time and money. Take for instance the individual wishing to become an airline pilot. Hundreds of thousands of Rands are needed not only to attend flight school but to finance the hours spent gaining experience. Promotion depends on hours – thousands of them. Few airlines are willing to assist with the process from student to Captain.

Many young people dream of becoming pilots, brain surgeons, and engineers, but for whatever reason, they just never seem able to do it. Does it mean that their dreams of a better life are dashed? Of course not, consider this… If your heart is set on helping people but at the same time you desire to achieve that above-average income, then a career in financial services might be exactly right for you. Never believe for a moment that the work of a financial advisor cannot be rewarding. Nothing is more lifesaving than handing over a million Rand cheque to a grieving spouse. Nothing is more life-changing than guiding a client to a successful retirement.

But it is not easy either. Unless you have the backing of a company like Old Mutual, the chances of surviving as a brand-new financial advisor is low.

  • First off, you are going to need training, and their training is amongst the best in the business.
  • Then you are going to need the tools to do your job. They will provide you with everything you need.
  • Then you are going to need a team of legal experts behind you.
  • Finally, you are going to need people to see.

Old Mutual have you covered in every area with our 170 years of experience. The only thing they cannot do for you is to make you hungry for success.

Old Mutual Franchise Owner

This is aimed at the experienced financial advisor who wishes to grow their business by having a team of financial advisors working in their business. Someone wanting to be in business for themselves but not in business on their own. We all know that starting a business can be risky. Especially when you consider the increasingly onerous compliance and training requirements required from you and your team. By now you should know your strengths as an advisor. You have become successful because you prefer marketing over admin any day of the week. Wouldn’t it help to know you have a company like Old Mutual behind you all the way?

And no, that does not mean that they want to tell you how to run your business either. Your track record already says it all, does it not?

What are your next steps?
Why not contact us today if our offer sounds interesting?
If you are starting out and interested in growing your career as a financial advisor or if you are an experienced financial advisor looking to duplicate yourself by starting a franchise, enter your details below.

Old Mutual Life Assurance Company (South Africa) Limited is a Licensed Financial Service Provider.

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